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  • We found Ciaran and his young family very hospitable. They live in a beautiful home on the outskirts of Tallinn on the Baltic Sea (you will be impressed by the beaches!). We spent 5 weeks looking after their wonderful cats Gustav and Meadh. A longterm housesit that gave us a chance to discover this very interesting part of the world. Highly recommended. 5 stars. Thank you for choosing us, we really had a great time with your pets! Dianne & Mike K. Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Had a very pleasant experience with Dianne and Mike; our cats were very content with them and they kept us updated throughout our trip. Otherwise, in the days around our trip when they stayed with us, they were very pleasant guests and the kids loved having them around. We'd be delighted to have them with us again if chance arises. Ciaran C. Tallinn, Estonia
  • From the outset, communications with Matt and Frances were excellent as were the directions for getting to their charming home. Even though there was little time for the initial hand over, we were greeted warmly and shown around the home and grounds, shown how things worked, what to look out for and provided with a host of local hand tips. George the juvenile dog was a real charmer who just loved having company and whilst he has yet to learn how to deliver retrieved sticks he does enjoy chasing an endless supply. The two cats slept for what seemed like three weeks... other than when they demanded a fuss ... and chickens who enjoyed being picked up and talked to provided an endless supply of eggs. Would we house/pet sit for Matt and Frances again? without a moments hesitation, they are a lovely couple who genuinely made us feel welcome, going out of their way to ensure our stay and care of their home and animals was stress free and an absolute pleasure. Ruth S. Auckland, New Zealand
  • Ruth and Peter are wonderful housesitters. We had lovely updates everyday with anecdotes and photos. The animals were clearly very happy. They were proactive when they saw things that might need extra care. For instance our fruit trees were being watered by a friend but a young avocado tree and a couple of other young trees were missed. Ruth and Peter spotted the avocado wilting and made sure it and the other trees got enough water. In the summer in Spain this can be the difference of a tree surviving or not. They also were happy to do a bit extra, for instance they initiated to sell our eggs on our behalf to our regular buyers. They even made us dinner on their first night when we handed over and when we arrived home at the other end after a long day travelling! We would definitely recommend them. Frances B. 18410 Bayacas, Granada, Spain
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