Are audio and video calls free?

Use of the app is free - depending on your phone package, it might be better to use it via Wi-Fi for audio and video calls.

The Nomador App uses the Wi-Fi connection, if it is available and activated, or your mobile phone's connection (4G/3G, etc) if you're not in Wi-Fi mode.

In the first case (Wi-Fi), the use of instant messaging and phone or video functions will be free (it will be part of the Wi-Fi data package that you are connected to from your location).

In the second case, (4G/3G, etc.), data consumption linked to use of the app will be part of the data package that you have subscribed to with your phone operator. If you exceed your limit, use of the app may incur a surcharge (as with any other internet use from your phone).

To avoid any surcharges, we recommend that you use the app when you are connected to Wi-Fi, particularly if you are in a foreign country (as with all your internet use from your mobile).

How do I set up notifications on my phone?

As with all the apps that you download to your phone, the type of notifications you want to receive is chosen from your phone's settings. The settings may vary depending on your device. However, as a general rule: On iPhone, go to settings and then the menu dedicated to notifications. On Android, go to settings, then click "sounds and notifications" and "apps". You will then see a list of all the applications installed on your smartphone. Scroll through them, choose Nomador and set the type of notifications you want to receive (badge on the app's icon, sounds, banners, etc.).

How do I block and unblock a contact?

A click on the three little red dots at the top right of a member's profile can block a user or unblock them later on.

Is my personal data protected?

Yes. The Nomador App uses the internet to send messages, images, make audio and video calls. The App maintains the confidentiality of your personal data (your phone number is not shared).

If I use the app to send or reply to messages, will my discussion appear in my messages on the website?

Yes, they will. Messaging on the app and the website are synchronized.

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