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Listing your home for house-sitters: Giving details

Listing your home for house-sitters is quick and easy with Nomador.
There are free text entry boxes where you can give details about your home. The more details, the more likely you are to receive suitable candidates.
Below is a list of questions you may find useful when you draft your ad.

Your home and its environment

  • What type of home do you live in?
    Apartment, town-house, town centre, suburbs, in village, on an estate, out in the country, large and roomy, small and comfortable, house with character?
  • What style?
    Classical, old, modern, restored?
  • Any especially attractive features?
    Terrace, garden furniture, pergola, garden, sports or games equipment
  • What environment ?
    Isolated, centre of village, town centre, neighborhood?
  • How far from public transport?
    Bus, metro, tram?
  • How far to local shops?
    Local produce market? Supermarket? Shopping mall?
  • What draws people to your region?
  • Leisure activities within easy reach?
  • Any particular disadvantages?
    Proximity to trains, airports, main roads or highways?
  • Car parking available? 
    On street in front of house? In the back yard? Covered? In a garage?
  • Which part of your home will be open to house-sitters?
    Can house-sitters use all, or only part of the house?
  • Which bedroom will they have?
  • Is the house air conditioned? Well-heated in winter?
  • Will service providers need to visit during the stay? (Cleaning staff? Gardener?)
  • Is your home fitted with standard electrical equipment (refrigerator, deep freeze, washing machine, dishwasher?)
  • TV?
  • Internet access?

Your needs

  • What type of dogs?  Daily routines? Where do they sleep?  Do they need to be walked out?  What precautions to take when non-one is at home?
  • What type of cats? Their daily habits?  Where do they sleep?  Do they need to be let out? What precautions to take when no-one is at home?
  • Are the pets sociable? What’s their personality?
  • Are they healthy? Do they need specific veterinary care?
  • Do pets access the whole house?
  • How long can pets be left alone?
  • What do they eat? (croquettes, pellets, home-made food?)
  • Are there other animals apart from dogs and cats? Do they need care? Any particular skills and knowledge involved?
  • Houseplants to be watered? Does the garden need sprinkling?
    How much time does house plant or garden maintenance take?
  • Must the lawn be mown? How big is it? How long will it take? Using what?
  • Take in the mail in from the letter box? Or not?
  • Anything else house-sitters might be asked to do?
  • Would you accept a child or children in your home?
  • Would you accept a family pet?

Listing your home on Nomador is quick and easy. Adopt the Discovery Option to post a simple ad, free of charge. 95% of home-owners find a solution within a week!