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Selecting house-sitters: Asking the right questions

What questions do I ask when making contact?

Of course, spontaneous questions and answers are the best.  However, we advise you have a list of questions to be sure you don’t forget anything important.

What‘s your ideal house-sitting scenario? Is your home easy-going? Or do you have a place for everything, and everything in its place?  That will help you choose the right home sitter. Is there a big garden? Should home sitters have green fingers?  Is there equipment needing special care (e.g. burglar alarm, swimming pool maintenance)?
Is your dog a handful? Does it pull on the lead?  Is your cat timid? Does it need to be in every night?  Does the horse in the field need keeping an eye on? Or more expert attention?

Below is a list of useful questions. It’s important to ask “open questions” which encourage dialogue.

  • How long have you been house-sitting?  What made you want to try it?
  • Do you have experience of house-sitting? How did it go?  What did you get out of it?
  • What did you like best about house-sitting?
  • What did you like least?  Is there nothing at all you don’t like about house-sitting?
  • You do realise we have... (such an animal or type of animal).  Are you used to them? Have you ever had one? Or looked after one?
  • You do realise that we would like you to be in charge of ... (gardening, maintenance, etc.). Do you think that would be possible? Have you done it before?
  • We want you to feel happy as a house-sitter in our home.  So what do you hope to get out of your stay here? What are your priorities?