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97% satisfaction, and the same satisfaction rating for both house-sitters and homeowners

97% satisfaction, and the same satisfaction rating for both house-sitters and homeowners (source: 2013 survey on sample of 1000 people).

How did they feel about their experience? Their comments speak for themselves!

Really fantastic, charming, interesting, great people to have met! Looking forward to having them again, next time round...

Sophie and Philippe, Homeowners

A very pretty place to take a vacation in. The Vaucluse area of the Lubéron is a little known treasure in France. To be recommended to home-sitters who love nature, fairy-tale countryside and hiking. A big thanks again to this family who welcomed us with such kindness and simplicity. We hope they were as happy as we were.

Armand and Angèle, Home-sitters

Charming and very involved people, at great pains to look after the house properly. We felt we had lots in common as soon as they arrived, and we talked a lot over meals we ate together, including the supper prepared for our return which was worthy of a great chef. A truly fantastic and warm relationship. “See you again soon!" we said.

Dora and Gaetan, Homeowners

An extraordinary location for anyone who loves fine walks and magnificent forests. They’re on the doorstep! Other remarkable attractions close by: the Château of Versailles, the Château and Park at Sceaux... A hugely successful stay in a big house that offers the highest level of comfort. And as for the family, we were sad to be saying goodbye.

Alison et Richard, Home-sitters

House and pets, fantastic! Clean from top to bottom, house beautifully tidy, our horses brushed and in fine fettle, and a great evening meal to welcome us on our return. What more could we want?

Christian and Isabel, Homeowners

What joy to be back with horses again, what a pleasure for us, just as we hoped! The owners were welcoming and seemed to trust us from the moment we arrived. But we’d already talked a lot before meeting, and we knew things would be fine. We hope to do this again soon, in another region.

Philippe and Christine, Home-sitters

Nadine and Paul were fantastic home-sitters. Their kindness and the great relationship we had with them, and that they had with the pets, meant we enjoyed our vacation with great peace of mind. A great encounter for us, full of sharing and discovery.

Audrey and Brice, Homeowners

If we had to sum it up in a word: enchanted! We were greeted like friends, supper on arrival and lunch on departure were moments of interesting discussion with people who were warm-hearted, mindful of our comfort and well-being while they were away. And what can we say about their pretty house, a real English cottage... In a word, a magnificent home-sitting experience we’ll never forget.

Nadine and Paul, Home-sitters

Very nice and discreet house-sitters. They greeted our return with a good meal! The house was sparkling, the dog brushed (and believe us, it’s not always easy!).

Julie and Benoit, Homeowners

We did everything we possibly could to ensure this young couple went away on holiday with peace of mind and had no regrets about trusting us. But it wasn’t difficult: Max the dog was extraordinary (what a handful!), and the house very functional. For us too, this was a most relaxing vacation (in spite of Max’s exuberance), because we took full advantage of the garden and the swimming pool in the condominium.

Marianne and Pierre-Yves, Home-sitters