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Travellers’ Tips

To get the best deals on long distance travel, take the trouble to look before your leap!

Travel on a budget by creating links with locals!

Sharing economy websites help create links with locals
Create links with locals

If you house sit, you’ll be spending less. But you don’t need to stop there!

Go on to P2P websites for more savings. Car share with Blablacar ou Sidecar is a cheaper way to get to the airport. And who knows? You’ll make new friends even before you get to your home-sitting destination!

There are plenty of collaborative consumption websites. They range from home cooking and meal sharing thanks to Cookening, to car rental thanks to Drivy, short stay accommodation on Airbnb or Bedycasa, NightSwapping on Cosmopolit Home or hiring local guides and tours round cities thanks to Vayable or The Good spot. Take time to prepare and get into the holiday spirit before you leave!

Get information on local transport. Use your broadband at home, to avoid wasting time on poor (and costly) internet connections when on location.

All the world’s big cities have public transport facilities for local residents and of course, for you the tourist, by train, subway, bus or all three.

Going to Sydney? Check out Transportnsw. A MyMulti1 is all you need to get to the most important places. If you’re from down under and want to house-sit in the Paris region, go on to the English language version of the RATP. An Unlimited Pass is probably your best bet.
London Pass in London, Billete turistico in Madrid: the golden rule is to check out the city and its transport networks before you get there!

Air travel deals

If you don’t have a travel agent close by use the many price comparison websites.

Well prepared, your trip will be more comfortable and more economical

A selection from some of the best known:

Beware IP tracking:

IP tracking may be used by some airlines to trace the IP address of people visiting their websites. If you don’t make an immediate purchase, the price goes up the next time you log on. Alternatively, they can make you believe that availability is low, so you’d best buy now. The way round it is to change computer each time you check things out, or use a tablet with 3G connections or a search engine such as Ixquick which conceals your IP address.

Why not download and print up city maps before you leave and have them ready when you arrive!

Keeping connected when on the move

Depending on where you are, internet connections can be as complicated as they are costly.

Take a smartphone or a tablet with you. You’ll find wifi connections more easily in airports, railway stations and restaurants. Deactivate your “mobile connections” or “foreign connections” settings to avoid unexpected and unnecessary phone charges. Check up on the phone operators in your host country before you get there to find out the best services at least cost.

Many operators offer flat-rate packages for short stay tourists along the lines of Orange in France "Mobicarte Holiday" or Vodafone with the "Vodafone Passport".

You can also ask your phone operator to unlock a spare mobile, take the SIM card out and replace it on arrival with a local prepaid card.