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Who are we?

Where did Nomador come from?

One year, as Nomador founder Mariannig Ferrari was planning a holiday, she encountered a dilemma: who will care for our pets while we’re away?
The realisation that this challenge was faced by people the world over led her to establish the house-sitting agency ILIDOR. As the agency continued to thrive, she realised that the demand for house-sitting was growing and growing - and so the seeds for Nomador were sown...
"I remember a young woman calling the agency one day. She lived in a charming one-room flat near Convention in Paris, and she had a kitten. We spoke on the phone, she had not really looked at the website, and she rapidly apologised when she realised that it was not free of charge. 'I’m so sorry, I didn't realise that of course you cannot work for us for free… but we’ve just married, and we can’t afford it, too bad we will have to ask our parents to mind our cat at their home.' What a pity! Her flat would have put a huge smile on the face of any young couple of foreigners willing to discover Paris."
“It was just obvious,” she says. “If we wanted to open the solution to more people, we had to go global and offer a DIY solution."
Our P2P website,, was launched in February 2014, in Sydney, Australia, starting out on an international basis.
Why choose Nomador?
That solution became Nomador: an online, peer-to-peer platform allowing members to list their homes or offer their services as house and pet-sitters.
For Mariannig, Nomador offers so much more than simply a mode of accommodation. In her own words: "Nomador is the place where my steps led me after a life path – it’s more than just a marketplace I created to catch a market opportunity or follow a trend."
What sets Nomador apart is their dedication to creating a strong community. "We follow our own values and encourage truth, authenticity and trust!” Trust profiles, excellent security and recommendations only from other Nomador users create a secure community - but also a trusting one.
The power of the sharing economy
While it might be easy to focus on the monetary benefits that the sharing economy affords, for Nomador it’s about so much more. "By launching Nomador, my dream is also to help families to potentially create links with other families abroad - international links that can be helpful to a lot of families, whatever the nationality,” says Mariannig. "International friendships are often long-lasting ones and can have unexpected and positive consequences."
" was born out of all those experiences and thoughts: all about people and connections and travel and enhancing life’s experiences really. Building the platform and website has been a natural culmination of everything I’ve done in my life so far and everything I believe in."
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