Beth’s round-the-world trip, thanks to house-sitting

House-sitting allows pet-loving travellers to make new friends - in their own countries and beyond their borders - by looking after homes and animals. But - here at Nomador - we have greater ambitions: to allow globally-minded travellers to discover other cultures and live out unique experiences, all while helping others.
So when we crossed paths with Beth, it was clear to us that we all could, in our own way, help her realise her dream. Her dream? To travel around the world.

Be a part of Beth’s adventure!

Beth is a 12-year-old Australian girl born with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III), She has been in a wheelchair since she started school. She lives near Sydney with her mother Katie, an environmental educator. “I want her to have the chance to open up to the world and experience the diversity. Because the world is all the richer for our differences,” says Katie.. “I would also like her to have the chance to see that with bravery and confidence, you can achieve your dreams. She has created a bucket-list with 101 items!”

Being invited into real homes along their journey will allow Beth and Katie to make the trip. To meet local families and perhaps children of her own age, try regional cuisines - that would be wonderful! Katie and Beth would also be very happy to help others by looking after houses, and Beth adores animals!

Could you invite Katie and Beth for a short stay? Or are you planning a holiday and could they look after your home and your pets? This interactive map can be used to follow their voyage, offer them accommodation and share their adventure with your friends who might live where they will be going.
All of us working together can make Beth’s dream a reality!