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Discover the unseen - our top 4 travel sites!

Uncover, discover, explore

be inspired travel with Nomador

Members of the Nomador community know that house-sitting and pet-sitting offer some of the most unexpected and wonderful rewards. And if you’re the kind of person who loves the thrill of uncovering something truly magical, we have the perfect holiday reading for you

We’d like to introduce you to the four websites that will help you become the explorer you always knew you could be. They are the embodiment of the phrase ‘off the beaten track’.

Be warned: these blogs will appeal to that deep longing we all have to just pack a suitcase and go - anywhere. So, before you start reading, you’d better have one packed. And while you’re at it, why not find your dream home on Nomador? ;)

Messy Nessy Chic

Messy Nessy Chic - Be inspired & travel with Nomador

Founded by Vanessa Grall, a Londonder-turned-Parisian, this blog is the ultimate procrastination-fodder. As she explained to Thought Catalog in a recent and rather lovely profile, when she moved to Paris, the city struck a much-needed “nostalgic chord”. In turn, that’s what Messy Nessy Chic gives readers: the amazement, wonder and nostalgia we feel at discovering something surreal, beautiful and often-times antiquated.

From an abandoned cinema in the Sinai desert to the tiniest antique shop in Paris, you’re always guaranteed to discover something so obscure and magical that you couldn’t make it up. Truth is stranger than fiction, after all.

Atlas Obscura

As the name suggests, Atlas Obscura is a collection of obscure wonderment from all across the world. They offer a collection of curious facts, as well as daily articles chronicling the editorial team’s latest discoveries. Ghost islands, the world’s oldest basketball court, or a library of rare manuscripts and books anyone?

Atlas Obscura also offer real-life events and tours uncovering the unusual in the everyday. Their tours are mostly in the States, but it’s worth taking a peak in case they’re running one near your next house-sitting destination!

Invisible Paris

Though Invisible Paris is exclusively dedicated to the French capital, we didn’t think that should exclude it from our list. Anyone with a penchant for abandoned buildings and undiscovered Parisian gems will love this blog. We think the short, succinct bio on the site puts it perfectly: “A celebration of the parts of Paris that would be refused entry to the ville musée if they tried to get in today.”

Some of our all-time favourites are the quest to unravel the mystery of the bricked-up door, the metal marvel that is the Galerie Argentine, and Napoleon’s quaint attempt at working-class housing: Cité Napoleon.

Untapped Cities

Our last stop en route to the world of nostalgia is Untapped Cities, a New York-based website dedicated to helping readers to rediscover their cities.

They have a huge wealth of content on a very long list of cities, providing everything from archives of vintage photos to very specific city guides (dress-up parties in London or best noodle soups in NYC are just two examples). Like Atlas Obscura, Untapped also offer tours and events.

So, now that you have plenty of inspiration, there’s only one thing standing in your way: finding your dream home from which to discover the world.

Nomador has already brought the world to your doorstep: start searching for your next dream holiday home today.

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