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Be inspired by Nat & Jodie of House Sitting World

Live the dream

When it comes to house-sitting, few people are more experienced than Nat and Jodie. They were brought together by a mutual love for travel, and it wasn’t long before they were travelling the world together!

Along the way, they discovered the world of house-sitting. This has given them new freedom to see the world, connect with fascinating people they would never otherwise meet, make new best friends while pet-sitting – and so many more rewards that could never be quantified!

Not long after their travelling lifestyle was transformed by the possibilities of house-sitting, they started a Facebook group ‘House Sitting World’. The group’s success came as a huge surprise. They’ve also founded a House-sitting academy and magazine – but the best part of the journey so far has been making connections with like-minded travellers from all across the globe. 

Read on to discover how house-sitting can change lives…

How and when did you both meet? Tell us your story. 

Jodie and I met in 2010 at a course in Sydney, funnily enough called ‘The Quest for Truth’. It was about learning how to live intuitively and from the heart. Something that would become absolutely vital to our journey years later! 

Jodie was living about three hours north of Sydney at the time but would come down for the seminars about once a month. Bit by bit we realised we were kindred spirits in so many ways, especially our great love for travel. In fact, the first time she came over to my place we spent hours looking at the massive National Geographic maps I had up on the walls of my bedroom. Actually it was through talking about travel and where we had both been, we really got to know each other. I guess looking back now, it was the first indication we were both meant to be travelling… this time together! 


How often do you travel? Do you balance house-sitting with work, or has this become your full-time vocation? 

We are full-time travellers now with no home and no residency in any country. For us ‘home’ is any place where we are together… Which really is everywhere! We like to think of ourselves as ‘world citizens’ now. 

We work online as we go, which fund our travels. 


When and how did you discover house-sitting?

We discovered house-sitting quite by default really. We had been living in Dubai for 16 months where we set up a business with another partner. But after 12 months the business had gone completely ‘bust’ and we had lost everything… literally. All our money, and pretty much most of our confidence and sanity! 

With a mere $300 in our pockets we decided to start travelling through house-sitting as a way to save money on the rent we could no longer afford. We signed up to a house sitting platform and started to search through the smorgasbord of options. 

We figured if we could save ourselves rent and utility bills for six months or so, we could get back on our feet… and then go and do something we really wanted to do, which of course would involve travel. 

However as irony had it, by our third house sit at a luxury property in SW France where we spent four glorious months, we realised we were actually ALREADY living our dream lifestyle - and house sitting was the very thing that was enabling it. Funnily enough though, even at that stage we still had no thought about travelling full-time with it! 

It was only through gaining multiple back to back house sits one after the other that we really opened up to travelling full-time. With absolutely no desire to settle anywhere, and house sits falling into place with the dates matching up almost magically, we continued to house sit our way around the world. 

In February 2015, we will celebrate two years of being on the road as full-time international house sitters, funnily enough right back at the house we first started at in London in February 2013! 

Tell us about house House Sitting World began. 

We had been house sitting for about nine months when we started the Facebook group in late 2013. We had been asked by a number of home-owners we had sat for to come back and sit for them again but we could not fit the dates in. 

We felt so terrible not being able to help them so we went looking for an online network of house sitters to connect with to refer the sits to. We could not find anything. So after several weeks of searching, we reached the conclusion that it was actually us who was meant to start such a group. 


What have been the best things about choosing house-sitting over other modes of accommodation?

The best thing of course would be the free accommodation that house-sitting affords. But the spin off from that is being able to travel for longer and further through house sitting. Since such a large percentage of travel costs [are] accommodation, when you no longer have to pay for that it really does open up a world of travel possibilities. 

However it is not until you actually start house sitting that you really do start to experience a depth of other benefits you just would not expect. 

Being able to experience ‘living’ like a local is one of those unexpected gifts. No longer are you a tourist, just looking out of a hotel room window. You are in a local house, with neighbours and pets. You take over a local household to run. It becomes a very deep way of truly experiencing what it like to live in that place. 

If someone loves this slower form of travel, staying a few weeks or a few months in a place to really get to know it and its people, then we would always recommend them to look into house sitting. 

Thanks Nat and Jodie for taking the time to share your experiences, insights and stories! Are you ready to make the dream a reality? Nomador brings the world to your doorstep: start searching for your dream home today!

Stay tuned for more with Nat & Jodie...

Photo credits: Natalie Smith, Jodie Thompson

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