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Christmas in London: Our First Housesit

Do you remember where you spent your first Christmas with your loved one? Ashley and I had been together for five years, and we had yet to spend a Christmas together. She had her traditions with her family, I had mine with my family, so we hadn’t yet embarked on creating new traditions with each other.

When we found ourselves traveling across Europe for eleven months in 2015, we realized that we would be spending our first Christmas together without our families. We knew one thing for certain: we wanted to spend it in a place that embraced our favorite holiday. We decided that we should spend our first Christmas together in London.

As many travelers know, finding affordable accommodations in London during the Christmas season is not easy. We had to get creative if we wanted to enjoy London during the holidays. Ashley and I found out that we could spend Christmas housesitting. It seemed to be the perfect solution for us to have a home to spend our first Christmas together, with the bonus of caring for an adorable kitten.

We ended up contacting a lovely young couple who lives in the London neighborhood of Shepherds Bush. They were going to be traveling to China for Christmas and New Year’s, and they needed someone to take care of their kitten, Neela, for the holidays.

After an online interview with them, we hopped on a plane and were off to London. Once we arrived, the couple showed us around their apartment, introduced us to Neela, gave us a tutorial on how to take care of their rambunctious little kitten, and then they were off.

For two weeks Ashley and I loved taking care of Neela and a had wonderful time spending our first Christmas together in London. We were able to create a lot of memories together, from chasing the kitten around the house, to Ashley attempting her first roasted chicken and a full appetizer spread for twenty (even though it was just the two of us), all with the kitten climbing on our backs.

We were able to combine our Christmas traditions of our families from a quiet Christmas Eve with appetizers, Christmas movies, and of course, wine.  Because we were staying in a home rather than a hotel, we cooked our own meal on Christmas Day with classic holiday recipes.  And of course we explored London to experience what the city has to offer, from sipping cider on Southbank and marveling at the lights on Regent Street to greeting the New Year Parisian-style with champagne and a live swing band. It is a Christmas and New Years that we will never forget and will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Housesitting provided us a home when we needed one the most. It allowed us to feel like we had a place to call our own during the holidays, even if it was just for a couple of weeks. This was our first experience housesitting, and it will be something that we will do again. It was the perfect solution for a couple nomads looking for a place to call home.

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