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France a many-faceted country : discover it by house-sitting!

Home-sitting in a French house

House-sitting in France
House-sitting in France

Whether Breton, Parisian, Corsican, Norman, Provencal, Basque, Alsatian, Burgundian, Savoyard, all are French, although very different. Regional differences are strong. Every region has its own customs, character and lifestyles. Home-sitting is a way to explore cultural variety, whether in the cities or in the countryside. Owners who look for house-sitters often reside in typical regional properties, full of character. You could find yourself house-sitting a mas in Provence, an old farmhouse in Brittany, a chalet in the Alpes, or a villa on the Côte d'Azur. It’s simple why French people seek home-minders. First, their home needs to be lived in and cared for. Second, the garden needs to be tended. Last but not least, French families are attached to their pets and want them looked after.

Advantages of house-sitting in France

French Beaujolais vineyards
French Beaujolais vineyards
  • Discover new regions that are totally different without travelling long distances (did you know that France is smaller than Texas?)
  • Experience different regions by extending your stay in France
  • Come back year after year, and enjoy a new experience every time
  • Learn to recognise a few of the 400 varieties of French cheese!
  • Learn to cook French recipes using local produce
  • Create new and enriching bonds of friendship

Things you’ll love about France

Brittany coastlines
Walks along the Brittany coastlines

Useful links

Old Lyon
A traditional Bouchon in Lyon old town
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