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Going away outside school holidays : why it's a better plan

Benefits of travelling outside school holidays

Retired? You can take time off work? You have no children? The children have left home? Don’t hesitate! Go away on holiday when it suits you and make the most of it
Taking holidays out of season is fantastic when you’re a home-sitter!

Cheaper travel costs

  • Train and plan tickets are more affordable and sometimes only half the price
  • It’s much cheaper to find places to eat and sleep (restaurants and hotel rooms)

Destination living costs are far less

  • As a home-sitter you get accommodation in return for looking after home and pets
  • Shopping locally is less expensive
  • Restaurants, shows, theme parks and other forms of entertainment are less expensive when you’re there for longer
Restaurants and cafés are less crowded
Restaurants and cafés are less crowded

The best way to explore regional diversity

  • Travelling outside peak times means peace of mind, less congested roads, wide open beaches—everything’s more relaxed all round!
  • Restaurants and cafés are less crowded
  • You get to see far more. Queues are shorter for museums and tourist attractions. And with fewer traffic jams, you save valuable time!


Create links with locals

Tourists have left or have yet to arrive, so that off-season travel gives you the status of a temporary resident. Take full advantage of the ambience and culture of your chosen destination. Get to know local people. Find out how they live and where they go. Discover other styles and paces of life. The experience of a lifetime!

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