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The house-sitting trend is increasingly popular in French rural areas

House-sitting in the French countryside

In France, house-sitting has become increasingly popular in rural areas. There are two main reasons. Protecting one’s home by showing there’s somebody living in it. And having someone to care for pets without disrupting their routines.

Discovering French regions countryside
House-sitting a beautiful way to discover French countrysides

French people care a lot about their homes—which are often showcases for family heirlooms. And they love animals. One household in four owns one or more domestic animals. Owners are keen to go away on holiday in peace of mind. They’re increasingly turning to house-sitting.

Are you a dependable person? Do you have references? Would you be happy looking after family pets? Then you’ll be welcome almost anywhere in France!

Being a house-minder is a way to discover regional differences and enjoy specifically regional decor

Minding different types of animals
Looking after different types of animals or pets
  • A lovingly restored old farmhouse in Brittany in a garden full of hydrangeas?
  • A Provencal house, in the middle of an olive grove?
  • A classic suburban house in the Ile-de-France, with a neat garden behind a hedge?
  • A thatched cottage in Normandie, among the apple orchards

Caring for pets is fun!

In the French countryside, the size of houses and gardens often means more than one pet in a home. Over and above dogs and cats, there may be a horse in the meadow, a donkey in the field or a goat keeping the grass down.

Why do house-sitters choose the countryside?

Local French market
Shopping in local market
  • Looking after pets in the countryside is great fun for animal-lovers who don’t have pets of their own.
  • They like shopping in local markets
  • They take over the household kitchen to cook regional dishes
  • Walking and hiking to discover new wild life
  • Relaxing in the evening in the comfort of the main house, reading or watching TV
  • Visiting local museums and historic monuments during the day
  • Looking after the garden and its flowers and plants
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