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House-sitting is All About Forming Connections - With People, Places, and Pets

It’s easy to see why house-sitting is becoming a popular way to explore the world. Travel is changing - travellers are looking for personalised experiences, as well as the chance to connect to places on a deeper level. Taking care of someone’s home and pets, whether it’s for a week or six months, is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The benefits of house-sitting go far beyond free accommodation. House-sitting can be a great way to embrace slow travel and appreciate your immediate surroundings. It’ll give you opportunities to form new friendships, and it’s the perfect excuse to spend lots of time with pets.

New friendships is one of the surprising benefits of housesitting

Trust is key to a successful house sit. For that level of trust to be established, communication between the house-sitter and homeowner is important. Whether it’s a daily photo of the cat, or a text to let them know their plants are still alive - your updates could go a long way to making the house sit comfortable for everyone. This regular communication can also lead to the unlikeliest friendships, long after the house sit is over. So, don’t be surprised if you’re invited back the following year.

If you’re house sitting for a few months or longer, getting involved in the local community is a great way to feel more at home. Volunteering, joining a local club, or just inviting the neighbours over for drinks, can help you to feel more integrated and connected. It could also give you the chance to practise a new language.


Housesitting allows you to connect with places

One of the most unique aspects of housesitting, is that it allows you to live as a local. Whether it’s a city apartment, or a rambling farmhouse in the country - house sitting allows you to experience places from a different perspective. You might eat in local restaurants, shop at the local market, and walk the dogs in a nearby park. You might attend a festival, or fall in love with a quirky neighbourhood that you wouldn't otherwise have visited. Having a house or apartment to return to each night adds a level of stability that’s often absent from long-term travel.


Petsitting is an opportunity to bond with loveable animals

Caring for pets often turns out to be the most wonderful part of a house sitting job. If you love animals, then pet sitting will add a whole other dimension of fun to your holiday or travels. You might look after a cat in Amsterdam, or find yourself tending chickens on a farm in Portugal. There are horses to be groomed, dogs to be walked and the occasional parrot to be minded, so the opportunities are endless. However long your house sit lasts for, you’ll have the opportunity to bond with the animals in your care. It might even be difficult to say goodbye when their owners return.

It’s a special feeling when someone entrusts you with their home and pets. It also means that their world becomes your world, temporarily. You’ll live in their area, care for their pets and potentially become part of the community for a while. It’s no wonder that house-sitting is becoming such a popular way to travel. It’s a wholly unique experience that allows people to form numerous connections. You never know, you might leave your house sit with a few new friends.

Author Bio

Grace Harding
The Idyll

Grace Harding is a travel writer from Ireland, who has been travelling since 2011. She writes about wellness travel at theidyll.com. She enjoys housesitting, because it allows her to get a different perspective on places, while giving her an excuse to spend lots of time with animals.

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