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How can you help make Beth’s adventure a reality? Make it a magical experience!

Beth’s round-the-world trip, thanks to house-sitting

It was by mere chance that we crossed paths with Katie and Beth in Sydney in January, 2015. They told us about their round-the-world adventure. We were amazed by Beth’s exuberance - who was wheeling with joyful energy in the streets of Sydney - and we were impressed by her curiosity in other cultures.

It was just self-evident: since we are a community of travellers, owners and pet-lovers, altogether we can help her realise her dream to travel the world from home to home, from town to town and from country to country.

And this is how this story began.

Discover Beth’s Adventure, through Katie’s words.

Beth was born with four broken bones - a rib, her shoulder, arm and collarbone. Her paediatrician diagnosed her with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a severe brittle bone disability. I had never heard of it nor did it seem like anyone else had.

I think because of her hardships Beth has developed a really big heart and has tons of empathy, so it makes it easy for her to connect with people. There is also a gift that comes with having a disability, it really affects people. It touches people’s hearts and makes it easier for them to connect too; none of that social awkwardness - it breaks down walls and barriers.

Beth’s adventure - how did it begin?

The trip was initially my idea and she kinda thought it was a bit crazy at first. But, as she started researching what she wanted on her bucket list, she started getting really into it and now she is so excited. It has brought a real sense of freedom to both our lives - the process of selling everything we own, not knowing what lies ahead - it’s playful.

Beth has been in a small school since kindergarten and it has been great; so nurturing. All
the kids and parents know each other - it’s the hub of the community. There is no local
high school though, they all get split up and go different directions. I was worried about the
transition to high school. I got bullied in high school and I know many kids that are
‘different’ struggle with this time.

Beth is confident in herself but I wanted to give her that extra boost of confidence in herself and her uniqueness. I want her to know that yes, she is different, but that is essential! The world would be boring if we were all the same. I also wanted to show her that nothing is impossible, and that if you have an idea and put bravery and faith behind it, you can achieve anything.

Beth has a great sense of humour and is always up for doing anything that’s fun, maybe
even a little crazy! She also has a great imagination - which is what makes her such a great
writer. We really enjoy each other’s company.

Making the dream a reality with house-sitting

My best friend spent the last year house-sitting in Perth and she really enjoyed it. I have done short term house-sitting for a friend of mine. I had never thought about the possibility of house-sitting in other countries. We are both so excited at the prospect: Beth is hoping that we get to take care of animals! As many as possible...

With house-sitting, you can really experience each different culture with the help from locals. We are travelling on a limited budget and are so grateful for any help we receive, so that I can give Beth the adventure of a lifetime. Locals know where the best food is; the secret spots. It will be great to be able to house-sit for longer periods of time in between travelling around so we can both rest up and recuperate. And it will make us stay in places we might not have done so otherwise and have different experiences.

Does Brittle bone disease mean that Beth has some specific needs, to be taken into account in the homes where you’ll be invited?

Beth is at a good age where she knows what she can and cannot do. She bottom
shuffles around, even up and down stairs. Nothing stops her. I can also carry her where
need be so no specific needs. We can and will go anywhere!

The crowdfunding campaign will be active the whole trip. We need to cover flights, transport, food, entry to places, costs of certain activities, travel insurance (with Beth this is huge), and other accommodation that won’t be covered.

The road ahead...

Beth’s friends will miss her, of course - they are all very close. They have all been friends since kindergarten - all in the same class for seven years. But they think its awesome and are going to follow her blog as she travels around.

Beth hopes the trip will inspire other people to do things that might seem impossible, especially if they have disabilities and she would like to be able to educate people about how hard it is to get around in a wheelchair and what we could do to make the world a better place for people with disabilities to live in.

Can you help Beth realise her dream trip? Become part of the magic!

  1. Would you like to meet Beth and Katie and support their trip in a real way? Welcome them into your home as they travel! Click here to list your home so they can come and stay.
  2. Perhaps you’re not able to list your home but want to support them anyway? Give to the crowdfunding campaign by clicking here.
  3. Follow Beth’s adventure on our interactive map.
  4. Discover the previsional itinerary and calendar here.
  5. Become an armchair traveller by following Beth’s adventure on her blog.
  6. You can also follow Beth’s adventure and everything around it on social media by following @nomador_com and #bethsadventure on Twitter, or on our Facebook Page.

Stay tuned - the adventure is just beginning...

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