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How House Sitting makes Dream Destinations like Paris, London, and New York City Affordable Travel Destinations

House sitting has helped my family and I see parts of the world we never thought we would. The biggest travel costs add up quickly, including accommodation prices and dining out daily. There are places around the world where these travel expenses are much higher than other vacation destinations -- places like London, Paris or New York.

We once dreamed of visiting one of those expensive destinations, a place where hotel charges are so astronomical that the cost to vacation there was way beyond our financial reach. But then we started house sitting and our travel options expanded to include the pricy place we'd longed to visit -- London!

Imagine if you could totally eliminate the cost of accommodation, one of the biggest travel expenses. Where could you afford to go?

I love knowing how much I can save, especially when it comes to travel, so I do a lot of research. Maybe house sitting could help lower the price on one of your dream holidays.
Here’s a closer look at how house sitting makes destinations like Paris, London or New York City more affordable!

My findings are broken down like this for each destination:

  • Average price per night for a standard room in a three-star hotel
  • The average cost for three meals per day in budget-friendly restaurants
  • Costs for 2 pints of beer or 2 glasses of wine in restaurants
  • Total cost and possible savings with house sitting (eliminating accommodation costs and self-catering for some drinks and two meals per day)

Cost information was derived from two sources I use when researching potential travel destinations, Price Of Travel.com and Numbeo.com.

New York City

Photo by Anthony Quintano via Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

New York City is known for being expensive, especially for hotel stays. Removing accommodation costs and avoiding spending time in the high traffic tourist areas, you can cut costs as much as 50% on your trip! Taking care of breakfast, packing a lunch or snack yourself, and enjoying some drinks at home with house sitting can make an expensive destination like N.Y.C. a lot more affordable as well.

  • Hotel cost- $384 USD a night
  • Meals- $54 USD a day
  • Drinks- Beer- $12 or wine- $15 USD
  • Total costs- $465 USD a day
  • Total potential savings with house sitting- $433 USD less per day! Total costs for dining out, drinks and accommodation could be $32 (per person) per day plus grocery costs, which would cost at least 50% less than what you could spend in New York for restaurant food and drinks.

Thanks to house sitting opportunities, the Big Apple doesn't need to take a big bite out of your bank account. Space rents at a premium in New York City, so if you can stay free you can avoid the outrageous cost of a tiny hotel room and potentially end up with a lot more living space as well!


Photo by Tommie Hansen via Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe. Overrun with stunning architecture, sophisticated culture, and decadent cuisine, travelers flock to the iconic city to indulge in the finer things. With so much to enjoy, spending can get out of hand and eat through travel funds very quickly. Eliminating accommodation costs could help you indulge in Paris without breaking the bank.

  • Hotel cost- $241 USD a night
  • Meals- $42 USD a day
  • Drinks- Beer- $14 or wine- $10
  • Total costs- $307 USD a day
  • Total potential savings with house sitting- $281 USD less per day! Total costs for accommodation and meals and drinks out could be $26 (per person) a day plus the cost of groceries which would be a third of what you could spend in a restaurant in Paris

One of the best things about Paris is how it is organized. Broken into quartier (quarters), it is a complex patchwork of well-connected communities. Each quartier is loaded with its own unique Parisian flare. You don't need to stay in the center to experience the best of what this great city has to offer, which is another benefit to house sitting in Paris. You can experience the local culture outside the tourist zone and still easily see the important tourist sites as well. The metro is extensive and easily accessible from all areas in Paris, connecting all points of interest with ease.


Photo by Garry Knight via Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

London is as costly as it is lovely, and it is very lovely. Loaded with history and royal majesty, it is a dream vacation destination for many. It definitely was for my family, but no matter how hard I tried to make a trip there fit our budget, I always came up short. Then we started house sitting, and visiting London suddenly became a lot more affordable.

  • Hotel cost- $223 USD a night
  • Meals- $45 USD a day
  • Drinks- Beer- $12 or wine- $14
  • Total costs- $282 USD a day
  • Total potential savings with house sitting- $259 USD less per day! Total costs for accommodation and meals and drinks out could be $23 (per person) a day, plus the expense of groceries which would cost a fraction of what you could spend in restaurants and pubs in London.

A lot of costs in London are extremely high, especially in high tourist zones. House sitting will likely put you in local neighborhoods away from the expensive shops and restaurants found in tourist traps. Visiting neighborhood pubs and shops are easier on the wallet. And most times, the food and quality of goods will be better than those found in areas that cater to tourists.

Of course, there are other costs associated with travel, like attractions and transportation that you need to budget for. But, when you can avoid paying for accommodation and extensive dining out with house sitting, you can save big or afford to see and experience more on your trip.

All three of these iconic cities are famous for being expensive. As a budget traveler I never seriously considered visiting any of them because accommodation costs were well beyond my budget. Now house sitting has made them all travel possibilities for me.

Is there an expensive place you dream of visiting? Maybe house sitting can make it an affordable vacation destination for you!

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