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How to Get Started Housesitting

House sitting is a great way to save money while traveling. Since you don’t have to pay for accommodation, you can spend more on flights, food, and experiences while enjoying new cultures and going to exotic places. You can also travel for weeks and months at a time since you don’t have to shell out cash for hotels night after night. Some people even live free of rent, mortgage, and utility expenses by continually house sitting throughout the year!

However, as you can imagine from the amount of money you could save and all the places you could experience with house sitting, the competition for it is fierce! You need to have good references to really get the dream listings you want. Here are five tips to getting started with house sitting so you can save money while traveling, and eventually, get your choice of dream house sits.

1. Build a Personable and Trusting Profile

House sitting is a very personal experience for both the homeowner and you. The homeowner will ultimately be having a stranger take care of their home while you, the house sitter, will be living in another person’s home surrounded with their belongings and experiencing their lifestyle. Because of this, personal, trusting connections matter a lot.

The first step to building this trusting relationship is by filling out your profile as much as possible with personable and genuine information. Tell your future house sitting hosts who you travel often with, what things interest you, or what you like to do on your free time. Who knows? Perhaps, the homeowner will pick you over another person because you share similar interests. Also, add as many proofs of identity as possible and increase your Trust index. This lets the homeowners know that you’re a real person!

2. Let the Homeowners Know What You Can Do for Them

Even though house sitting will let you travel more often with less money and experience places you’ve only dreamed of going to, the reason that a house sitting opportunity even exists in the first place is because the homeowners need someone trustworthy and respectful to watch over their place, and sometimes, pets. Let the homeowners know that you’re aware of this. When applying, voice what you can do for them and how you’ll meet the needs and concerns you have. Making the house sitting gig about the homeowners, not you, will give you the competitive advantage of others seeking the same place.

3. Enjoy a Staycation

If you want to know if house sitting is a good fit for you and gain experience before committing to a home far away, or get multiple references quickly so you can get your dream house sit in an exotic place faster, then try a local house sitting job, and make a staycation out of it! Turn on alerts for your hometown or local region so that when a homeowner publishes a listing for a last-minute house sit, you can jump on the opportunity. You can even offer to meet up with them in person beforehand since you’re in the area. The chances you’ll get selected will be pretty high!

As for making a staycation out of it, write down everything you’ve ever wanted to do in your local region but never have time to do because of your routine habits. Look up things to do online, or check out places you’ve never been before like a restaurant or park. You’ll be surprised by all the things in your local region that you’ve never experienced before!

4. Get References From Friends and Family

An easy way to get great references is by asking friends and family to house sit their homes while they’re away. You can ask close family and friends, or if you’re up to any house sit task and want to build up your references quickly, take advantage of your social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. Post a status letting people know that you’d love to take care of their home and pets while they’re away. Of course, to get the references you need for house sitting, they will need to set up a profile and listing so they can review you after your stay.

5. Stay Positive While Being Persistent

If you’re having trouble picking up your first house sitting job, then stay positive and keep at it. Nomador is all about building a community with trusting, caring and open values. As long as you share that sentiment, you’ll soon land your first house sit, and eventually, your dream house sit in France, Australia, or perhaps even on a tropical island.

What are you waiting for? Get started on house sitting today!

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