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How to Get the Most Out of the Nomador Website

Whether you’re new to Nomador or an experienced house-sitter or house-sitter seeker, the Nomador website has so many features, extra information, and more that you’re probably missing something! Here’s a guide to the great features on the website. Maybe you’ll discover something new like I did.

First, on the homepage, you’ll notice a few key areas. The top right is where you can access your profile, account settings, find house-sitters, access your inbox of messages, and sign out. Let’s take a look at your profile. By clicking your name, or by signing in, it will take you to the screen to amend your profile. You can see what your profile currently looks like by clicking the blue button, “See My Profile”. If you’re actively searching for house-sits or house-sitters, ensuring that your profile is filled out as much as possible is a great way to increase your chances of finding a great match.

Next, by clicking My Destinations (the airplane), or My House-sitters, you’ll be taken to your message board. This is where any active or past conversations between you and other members, either homeowners or potential house-sitters, will be housed.

Initially, all conversations will be aggregated onto these pages but you can filter conversations by clicking the box next to, “Hide past applications”, or « Display my Wishlist ». If you’re reaching out to a lot of house-sit adverts at the same time, like I was, this is a great place to keep track of them all.

Back to the home page!

If you’re a homeowner looking to find a trusted house-sitter to watch your home, pets or plants while you’re away, you have two options with Nomador. First, you can create a listing by clicking through the “Find House-Sitters” and then the “Publish A Listing” buttons. The Nomador website takes you through publishing a listing step by step, encouraging you to add important information, upload pictures, and everything in-between!

The second option is to look through our validated house-sitter listings. These are only the house-sitters on the site that have properly filled out profiles, accurate photos, and who have agreed to have their profiles publicly available. You can see where these house-sitters typically travel and reach out to them directly to fill a house-sitting opportunity. This may be especially handy if you have a last minute need for a house-sitter.

If you’re on the other side of the table and you are an aspiring or active house-sitter, head to the house-sit listings page here. Here you will see thousands of inactive and active house-sit opportunities. If you’re only looking for listings that are currently looking for house-sitters, you can simply click the “limit search to house-sits that are still available” box, and that will filter the listings.

At first, I didn’t realize you can actually narrow down your search to your future travel wishlist or plans. You can search by a specific city, country or region. You can also search by a type of region like the mountains or sea. Dates are another way to narrow down your search results. If you have a very specific window of time that you’re able to house-sit, you can filter by that range only, or you can filter for house-sits that include a particular date or even just a season during which you would like to travel.

Finally, we’ve reached the bottom of the page. In the footer of every page is valuable information. If you have a question you can find it answered in one of the FAQ section links. If you’re looking for information about membership plans and pricing, that can be found here. There’s information to walk you through the entire process of finding a house-sitter for the first time. There’s even a section for potential house-sitters where all of your questions can be answered.

A piece of the Nomador website that often goes unnoticed is the Nomador Blog. Here you’ll find some interesting articles that go far beyond the basics of house-sitting. From the cultural differences relating to house-sitting in various countries, like Spain, Australia, and Latin America to handy house-sitting tips like how to live on top of other people’s stuff. Nomador has worked hard to expand some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding house-sitting into full blog posts to give as much information as possible.

Finally, the most important feature of the website is the “Contact Us” option. If you ever have questions, concerns or need help with something, that button is there to contact the Nomador customer service team directly. You’re never alone when using Nomador.

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