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Live the dream & work remotely – and how house-sitting will help you get there

how to work remotely with house-sitting - Nomador.com

Working remotely is the latest phenomenon taking workplaces by storm. And, as avid travellers who love the freedom of spending a little longer abroad, the Nomador community is perfectly placed to take advantage of this change in the way you can live and work.

If you’re planning your next ‘working holiday’, it’s essential to be excited, but very important to be pragmatic. The perfect remote working situation doesn’t simply appear out of thin air. So, how does one successfully ‘go remote’? Let’s take a closer look…

1. Don’t underestimate the challenges

This is the biggest mistake every remote worker makes when going from office to outside world.

The truth is that for all its benefits, working remote can be a big adjustment. If you get distracted easily, you’ll have to watch out for all the procrastination fodder coming your way. Or, if you don’t do well by yourself, you’ll need to psych yourself up for lots of solo time. 

If you’re moving countries or staying away from home for a while, this means an even bigger adjustment. You’ve left familiar surroundings, people, habits and routines at home, and you’re still expected to function perfectly! This is a lot trickier than it sounds.

But don’t get us wrong - it’s an amazing experience, and one well-worth plunging into the deep end for. The best way to avoid this mistake is simply not to expect completely smooth sailing.

2. Become a behavioural psychologist

Your test subject? You.

The best way to combat the challenges we mentioned in step number one is to analyse yourself: how are you feeling, reacting and behaving? Be conscious, but also record what you find.

How do different environments affect how you work? Do you work best at home, in an office-like space, or in cafes? Are you more productive if you change spots every hour, or stay in one location for a few hours? Make note of how you feel and how much you get done, and build this into a routine.

Use time-tracking tools to monitor how much time you spend on certain tasks (here are ten great suggestions on FastCompany), and how long a day of work actually takes you. 

3. Be the world’s best communicator

We already know how challenging an office situation can be when colleagues don’t communicate well - even if they’re only a few desks away. The problem can be exacerbated to extremes when you’re in another city or worse 10 000 miles and a 10-hour time difference away.

So, before you go, make sure there’s a clear and simple communications protocol in place. 

Many businesses find that chat tools like Slack or HipChat are a great solution for reducing internal emails and keeping on top of who’s doing what. If you’re managing projects or relying on reports from your colleagues, it might also be a good idea to have everyone put together a daily or weekly report for themselves, their team, or their project. 

4. Separate work from rest

When you’re not working nine to five, it can be tricky to separate work time from play time. Allow yourself time to relax, and don’t be afraid to take weekends and evenings off just because your schedule isn’t a typical one.

If you’re planning to work from home (where ever that may be!), set aside a special place for work if possible. Finding a house big enough to provide you with work and relaxation areas will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Or, if you’re going to be exploring the city while you work, having a comfortable and familiar place to come home to at the end of the day can make a world of difference.

This is where Nomador comes in! Start searching today to find your dream home anywhere in the world. And remember: the possibilities are limitless. 

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