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10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before House-sitting Abroad

So, you’re thinking of house-sitting as a means of traveling on a budget? By house-sitting, you not only get to travel in another country for free, but you also get to live like the locals. After all, being in someone’s home means you’ll see parts of a place that hotel-dwellers don’t.
But, as many perks as there are for house-sitting, it’s not for everyone. It’s very important that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you go, because there is someone counting on you to look after their pets, their plants, and their home altogether. So, before you go, ask yourself these questions:

1) Where Do I Want to Housesit?

Nowadays, it’s easy to find house-sitting options all over the world. This means you can visit some of the most expensive cities or the most hard-to-reach places around the globe without spending a dime on accommodation. Where do you want to go?

2) Why Would House-Sitting Be a Better Option than a Regular Accommodation?

Why are you even considering house-sitting in the first place? Some people only have a short time to travel, and therefore, staying at a hotel where they would have no responsibilities would be more ideal. Considering all factors, weigh the various accommodation options before committing to house-sitting.

3) Do I Have the Appropriate Experience?

Do you have the skills and experience necessary for a house-sitting job? What about trusted references? Your potential host will expect some kind of portfolio to showcase your relevant experience. For example, you may have loads of experiences with dogs, but if you’ve never looked after cats, that might not be a great fit.

4) What Am I Expecting to Get Out of House-Sitting?

Are you looking to house-sit as a way for you to travel the world on a budget? A way to get to know the local culture? Or, are you merely interested in trying a new experience? Knowing what motivates you will help you discover the best house-sitting opportunity for you.

5) What Are My Comfort Limits?

No two house-sits are the same, and it’s essential that you ask yourself what you can compromise on and what’s an absolute dealbreaker. For example, are you comfortable taking care of a puppy that’s not housebroken? Can you live in a place that occasionally has hot water? Part of your host trusting you to take care of their home means making sure you’re comfortable living there.

6) Is It Actually Cost-Effective?

Even though house-sitting is free, not all house-sitting opportunities are free in every sense of the word. Perhaps you have to pay for the air conditioning or other utilities you’ll be using. Or, if the house-sitting location is far from the city center, you’ll have to pay for transportation. And, what about the cost of living in that city? If basic things are more expensive, you won’t be saving much at all.

7) Will I Feel Safe?

Both sitters and hosts need to go through a verification process. But, there are other safety factors to consider. Is the home located in a safe neighborhood? Is the town at a high elevation that might trigger altitude sickness? Do you have access to emergency and/or medical services and, if not, are you okay with that?

8) Am I Willing to Be Flexible?

When traveling any type of way, there’s always the possibility that things might not go quite as planned. Are you the kind of person that’s okay with things changing? Maybe your house-sitter will come home unexpectedly, or maybe you need to run a few last-minute errands for them after you’ve already made plans for the day. Make sure this is something you can handle.

9) Will I Be Sacrificing Other Travel Opportunities Due to Housesitting?

While house-sitting is a great way to travel, sometimes, you don’t get to do as much traveling as you would like to do. If part of your responsibilities require taking care of a pet, you can’t go on weekend trips or even long day trips when their pet needs to be walked, fed, etc. This could mean sacrificing that nature hike, that beach trip, or even a day sightseeing the closest city. Be clear about what the situation will look like.

10) Am I Ready for Adventure?

You’ve asked yourself all these questions and you’ve determined you’re more than ready to start looking for your first house-sitting gig. Great! House-sitting will no doubt be an incredible experience. But, it will also be a unique one, maybe different than any other travel experience you’ve ever had. So, be open-minded, be positive, and get ready to embrace it with open arms, because it’s likely your first experience house-sitting certainly won’t be your last!

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Hana LaRock is a freelance writer born and raised in New York, who currently lives in Mexico with her boyfriend and her dog, Enano. She loves traveling and is off to a new country whenever she gets a chance. Finding house-sitters has been her savior. When she's not traveling, she enjoys trying new foods, scrapbooking, and binge-watching Modern Family. hanalarockwriting.com

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