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Nomador Stopovers: Make new friends in the house-sitting community

Community Life - Forging international friendships and understanding across borders.

Our own journey into house-sitting began many years ago. Between France and Australia we enjoyed several years of experience with a French agency and we absolutely fell in love with the concept. We were certain that house-sitting (like other concepts based on hospitality and volunteering) had many more significant benefits than just providing a cheaper alternative to traditional travel accommodations and pet boarding.

We noticed how your interest in staying with local people drives many of your travel decisions

Instead, we saw its potential to forge international friendships and understanding across borders. It became our desire then, as it still is today, to build a platform to help facilitate that. And in 2014 we started to chase that dream by launching Nomador – even though, we have to confess, we hadn’t yet worked out a strategy.

Today, we are so very pleased at how far the Nomador community has come, and how we’ve watched friendships grow among you – people who share the same love of travel, of meeting new people, and of caring for animals. These friendships between families from different countries are so very rich in meaning.

We noticed how your interest in staying with local people drives many of your travel decisions. For so many of you, like us, it is not just about a cheap stay - it is about making connections with people around the world. Beyond house-sitting, many of you have also been looking for short stopovers in people's homes while traveling abroad or between house-sits.

And we are so happy to announce that we have worked our socks off for the past few weeks to expand the Nomador platform and provide these opportunities for you! April 2016 marks an exciting stage in the development of our house-sitting community with the addition of a new online feature: Nomador Stopovers!

With Stopovers, you now have the chance to open new doors

With Stopovers, you now have the chance to:

As Travelers: Stay with one of our members for a night or two as you travel in another country, or maybe even to fill a gap between house-sits

As Hosts: Even if you’re not traveling ((and that’s also the case for many house-sitters part of the year), you can still meet new people in our community! Offer up a spare bedroom for those who happen to be in your part of the world.

And we would love for you to help us launch it. If you have a spare bedroom and are willing to open your door for a night or two to foreign home owners or house-sitters — even if just once per year — then publish a Stopover! By doing so, you will:

  • Make other member's travel experiences special when they're in your part of the world
  • Offer travellers a genuine local experience in a proper house
  • Make new international friends
  • Save guests the cost of an anonymous hotel room
  • Possibly cook your favorite local recipe to share
  • Enrich each other's profiles (by getting feedback from other members of the community)

And… there is a big PLUS:

In order to start before the northern hemisphere summer:

We’re offering a free one month subscription to the Confidence Option to any member who publishes a Nomador Stopover until 31 May 2016 (or a one month extension on existing subscriptions).

See how it works in our FAQ (Codes for Free Subscriptions).

Nomador Stopovers help us fulfill our dream of connecting people on a global scale

One of the riches that those of us in the international house-sitting community all share is our passion to travel, to explore, and to meet locals — and Stopovers help us fulfill our dream of connecting people on a global scale. It's our curiosity about other cultures and different ways of life. It's our desire to meet people who are different from us, and it's celebrating those differences that make it so exciting. It's our wish to teach our children the meaning of the word 'Hospitality'. It's to continue to believe that most of humanity is fundamentally generous, and it’s wanting to be part of it.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Check out Nomador Stopovers here!

Your support to the Nomador Stopovers will help the community attract people who share common values: Trust, care and sense of commitment, Generosity of spirit, sharing and being of service to others, Curiosity, open-mindedness and adaptability, Global awareness and to always strive for deeper understanding.

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