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Remote working with Nomador: where to work in Paris

What separates traveller from tourist? You prefer to get to know a city and its rhythms, people and culture. This often means lingering just a little longer than usual

But staying longer often means you’ll have to bring your work with you. Luckily, the revolution in remote working is making this easier than ever. Increased flexibility and freelancing options, along with the ease of online communications, mean that the definition of ‘office’ is somewhat fluid.

While working at home can be fine - and no doubt you’ll love making the most of the house you’re staying in - it’s good for creativity and productivity to get out and about. With coworking spaces and cafés popping up in cities around the world, there’s no shortage of places you could choose to work.

This time, we’re looking at la ville lumière - so come with us, and discover our top spots for working in Paris!

1. Café Craft

If you like a day’s work to come with one of the best flat whites in the city, perhaps a delicious, fresh baguette and a slice of apricot and basil cake, Café Craft is the spot for you. Patrons pay either for time or consumption - we always opt for consumption, obviously.

Café Craft - 24 rue des Vinaigres 75010

2. L’Anticafé

Anticafé charges you only for the time you spend in the space - wifi and consumption come free. Their two outposts on rue du Beaubourg in the 11th and rue de Rivoli in the 2nd are friendly, bustling and full of delicious snacks, tea and coffee to fuel your work day.

Anticafé - 79 rue Quincampoix 75003 // 10 rue de Richelieu 75001

3. Coutume Cafe & Coutume Instituuti

At the top of our list of favourite working-friendly cafés are the two left-bank outposts of Café Coutume, in the 5th and 7th. Both are populated by many other laptop-owners, so you won’t feel out of place. Plus, the food and coffee are top notch!

Café Coutume - 47 rue de Babylone 75007 // Coutume Instituuti - 60 rue des Écoles 75005

4. Kozy Salon Urbain

Kozy Salon Urbain is is especially designed for longer than usual café stays, and the cookies are to die for. You’ll find them on Avenue Bosquet in the 7th.

Kozy - 79 avenue Bosquet 75007


Based on rue de Caire, in the 3rd arrondissement, Numa’s bottom floor is walk-in, with free wifi and a café. Alternately, if you are a member of a coworking space in another city, you may be able to use the first floor coworking space for a couple of days under the Coworking Visa agreement.

NUMA - 39 rue de Caire 75002

6. Coworkshop

There’s something about the ambience at Coworkshop that makes it magic for creativity and getting things done.

If it’s free, make a bee-line straight to the couch next to the front door - it’s our favourite spot! This friendly coworking space charges by the hour and will treat you to a free cup of coffee or tea.

Coworkshop - 29 rue des Vinaigres 75010


So, with your office options sorted, the next step is to find the pillow you’ll be resting your well-worked head on! Discover house-sitting options in Paris before someone else does…

Start searching Nomador today.

Image credits: All © Hannah Duke.

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