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The best travel apps for… Getting from A to B

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If you’ve ever asked the age-old question of ‘how do I get from Vancouver to Versailles?’, we have a treat for you.

Savvy travellers know that it often takes a lot of research to figure out the best way to travel between locations, to compare prices, and weigh up the pros and cons of each method. These days though, the process is being made simpler by a few passionate travellers and entrepreneurs who want to take the headache out of travel planning.

So, which are our favourite tools, apps and websites for figuring out how to get from A to B?


Before you’ve even started comparing prices or modes of transport, the simple fact of figuring out what your options are can be a nightmare. Rome2rio is a fantastic website for exactly this. 

Just plug in your origin and destination, and it will bring up all the possible modes of transport between the two cities, including time and average cost. This might be particularly good if your house-sit is a little off the beaten track!

Capitaine Train

By far our favourite place to buy train tickets in France is Capitaine Train. They have an intuitive mobile app and website, and for each ticket you book you’ll earn credits towards a future trip. 

On the day of travel, the app will give you handy reminders, and you’ll be able access your ticket in the app or Passbook - no need to print unless you really want to.


If tickets aren’t available between certain cities in Capitaine Train, try Loco2. They also have some of the best prices, and excellent customer service.


There are a lot of flight aggregator websites out there, but Momondo has to be one of our favourites. Not only is it much more user-friendly, but they’ve also been smart about gathering data on when people fly, and how much airlines charge for particular times and days. So, for many common flight routes they’ll tell you exactly which day of the week and time of year is cheapest for travel. Now if that’s not savvy, we don’t know what is! 

The only downside is that Momondo is only an aggregator, so you’ll have to click through to another site to actually book, and many other flight booking sites just aren’t as easy to use.

So, now that you’re past square one (that is, how to get from one place to another), it’s time to move onto square two: start searching for your dream house-sitting opportunity, and enlist the services of our house-sitters to look after your home and pets while you’re away!

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