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There’s one thing to be said for being a local: you’re often much more free to explore your city, area or region as you choose. We love travelling like locals, but sometimes the simple fact of getting from point A to B can be a challenge. Now, if only we had a car!

For those who want to travel and explore the city, countryside or an entire continent with the ease of a car, there are any number of websites which offer affordable car hire. Hiring a car allows for flexibility as well as spontaneity - but can quite often be an expensive venture.

Luckily, the sharing economy has a solution: car sharing and car hire direct from owners. So, how does it all work? And which are the best options? Let’s find out!


TripnDrive focuses specifically on car-hire for those coming to and going from airports. Drivers who leave their cars with TripnDrive not only save on airport parking – they’re also compensated for every kilometre the car is driven. Meanwhile, according to the TripnDrive website, the person renting the car pays up to 60% less than they would with a traditional car-hire brand. Right now TripnDrive is only available in France.


Meanwhile, in the US, Getaround is helping car-owners rent out their vehicle to other locals. So, if you’re looking for a car in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago or beyond, we’d definitely recommend downloading this app to your phone and giving it a go! It’s well-designed, simple to use and also safe and secure – all cars are insured, and all drivers are checked carefully.


Their website says they’re the number one peer-to-peer car rental service in Europe, but while Drivy have no concrete statistics or awards to back that up now, we do think they offer a great service. Every driver and car is fully insured, and they have 200 000 cars available across Europe. 

Buzz Car

Right now, BuzzCar is only available in France – but it’s certainly a country with a lot of beautiful countryside to visit, so having more options can’t be a bad thing… You can rent cars nearby by the hour or by the day, so it’s ideal for quick trips as well as weekends away!

Car Next Door

When it comes to peer-to-peer car rental in Australia, Car Next Door has got you covered. It’ll cost as little as $5 for an hour, and everyone is covered by comprehensive insurance. 


While other sites allow you to rent out your car, BlaBlaCar offers spots in drivers’ cars. All you have to do is enter your origin and destination, and they’ll help you find a ride. As one of the original peer-to-peer car-sharing websites on the market, BlaBlaCar have built a huge community: they operate in 13 countries and have over two million members travelling with them each month.

Why choose car sharing?

For those of us with an environmental conscience, car-sharing helps reduce pollution from car emissions. Plus with the price of petrol being so high, there are always plenty of drivers advertising trips, even to rather obscure little villages.

But definitely the best thing about car sharing is the chance to form unexpected connections with people we’d never otherwise meet – and to spend a while chatting away as you drive into the Italian countryside! Funnily enough, this is one of the things we love most about house-sitting: those connections created between like-minded people, willing to share a part of their life with someone else for just a little while!

So, now that you know how to get around by car, it’s time to find your destination: a dream house-sitting opportunity on Nomador! Start searching today. 

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