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The best travel tools & websites for… local borrowing and sharing!

It’s a shame sometimes that there’s only so much that fits in your suitcase. But what happens when you’re abroad for an extended period of time, and you’re in need of something rather essential? If it’s not worth buying because it’ll cost too much and won’t fit in your suitcase for the trip home, you might be in quite a fix.

This is where the old ‘borrow from your neighbours’ trick comes in! But of course, not all of us are comfortably knocking on their door if we’ve never met before…

The sharing economy is taking this concept to a whole new level, with a plethora of websites dedicated to sharing with your neighbour. Here are a few options – for when your dream house-sit doesn’t come with a bicycle, ladder or electric mixer… ;)


Peerby is our favourite sharing platform: it’s fun, simple to use, and will even help you get your neighbours on the Peerby bandwagon if you’re the first to join! It has a handy app so you can search for whatever you might need on the go. 


Streetbank is fantastic when it comes to user experience and design, but is mostly based in the UK. They also have the extra-added bonus of being able to physically help others with projects, rather than simply lend. So, if you’d like to build up some karma, lend a helping hand or perhaps get to know people in your local community, this is a great option!


One testimonial at the bottom of NeighborGoods’ website caught our eye: “NG is the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, I'd bet you can find a bread slicer to borrow if needed.” Well, if this is the case, we’re sure we could find what we need quick smart! This one is predominantly US-based.

What works best for you?

These are just a few options, of course, and it’ll be up to you to weigh up the option that works best for you!

But you know what? One thing we love about house-sitting is that it gives the experience of moving into a real home – one with all the creature comforts and necessary everyday items that hotels and rented apartments just don’t have. However, if you’re ever at a loss, the options above are ready to lend a hand! 

So, now that you can travel with peace of mind, why not start looking for your dream house-sitting opportunity? Start searching on Nomador today. 

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