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The interactive map of Beth’s world tour

Live the dream

Beth is a 12-year-old Australian girl with enormous curiosity and well-defined wishes, like touring the Loire Valley chateaux by bicycle. “Even though it’s Mom who will be doing the pedalling, obviously,” she says cheekily, “and I will enjoy the sunshine”. Because Beth was born with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III), she has been in a wheelchair since she started school.

Beth lives near Sydney with her mother Katie, an environmental educator. “I want her to have the chance to open up to the world and discover diversity. Because the world is all the richer for our differences," says Katie.

"She has created a bucket-list with 101 items! Discover the Loire Valley chateaux, eat paella in Spain, taste 13 new flavours of ice-cream in Italy, touch snow for the first time, visit Amsterdam with clogs on her feet, go for a rickshaw ride in India, see the baby turtles in Costa Rica… I would also like her to learn that, with confidence and courage, step by step, you can achieve your dreams”.

Hear more from Katie: Beth’s Adventure, through Katie’s words.

A world tour, step by step: help Beth find accommodation!

Now discover the interactive map which you can use to follow their journey, invite them into your home on their way and share their adventure with your friends who live along their path.
Being invited into real homes along their journey will allow Beth and Katie to make the trip.

Want to participate? It’s very simple:

1 – Click on the area where your house is.

2 – Enter your dates by filling out the form.

3 – Check your emails and confirm your participation.

Discover the previsional itinerary and calendar here. Note that they may change depending on the invitations received by Beth and Katie, who are open to any and all interesting experiences.

All of us working together can make Beth’s dream a reality!


You can also follow Beth’s Adventure and everything around it:

- On Beth's Adventure blog, which she will update as she makes her journey.

- On social media by following @nomador_com and #bethsadventure on Twitter, or on our Facebook Page.

Perhaps you’re not able to list your home but want to support them anyway? Give to the crowdfunding campaign by clicking here.


Beth's adventure wouldn't be possible without our wonderful sponsors...

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