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What’s the best way to find house-sitters? Specialist agency or P2P website?

House-sitting (or home-sitting) is when someone looks after a house and pets when the owner is away.

What is house-sitting?
In simple terms, a family leaves its home on holiday and lends it to others to look after while they’re away. The carers are house-sitters.  Also known as home-sitters, they look after the property, its pets and the garden if any, in exchange for free accommodation. This means they spend their holidays in a new place, where life goes on when the owners are away. Owners when they leave know their home is in good hands.

But how find house-sitters one can trust? There are a number of solutions. Who can you rely on? Among the options are to ask around people you know. Or call in an agency. Or go to a house-sitting website. There are merits to each solution! What’s best for you?

Entrust your home to friends or family.

  • Benefits :
    It’s easy and reassuring. If your home is in an attractive area, your family or friends will possibly be delighted to look after it.
  • Remember :
    Some people don’t like to “ask favors” from people they know too well. Or they may find it difficult to “give orders” to relatives or close friends.

Ask an outside house-sitting agency to find someone to look after your home.

There are many such agencies and they are easy to locate on internet. Specialist companies or agencies have a list of people, who are generally retired persons on their books, properties that need to be looked after are circulated to candidate house-sitters, and the agency takes care of putting home-owners and house-sitters in touch. Most agencies work at national level, and do not handle house-sitters who want to travel abroad in search of homes to look after.

  • Benefits:
    You transfer responsibility entirely to a third party. You give details to the agency, and they take care of advertising your home to house-sitters. All you do is call up the candidates the agency sends you. Then you decide on who and when you want them to look after your home.
  • Remember: you must feel the agency is trustworthy. It takes responsibility for selecting and proposing house-sitters.
    The cost of using an agency, for families who leave their homes regularly in the hands of house-sitters, can be high. That’s unavoidable. An agency works with staff that must be paid from the fees the agency charges its customers. An agency has to cover its other business costs too, such as rent, phone, etc.
  • Helpful tips:
    Make sure you ask the right questions when you’re looking for an agency. What fees do they charge, and what for? What do you get for your money? Who are the home-sitters on their books? How do they select or train them? Is the agency truly organized enough to find responsible people to look after your home, especially at short notice? Is the agency easy to access when you have a problem to raise with them?

House-sitting is now so popular, that a large number of house-sitting websites have sprung up. The services they provide vary enormously. Some simply post lists of retired persons for home-owners to contact. Others vet candidate house-sitters and select them according to criteria of varying strictness.

Post your own advert for house-sitters on a dedicated website. Do it yourself! and use website facilities to draft a personal ad that appeals to prospective house-sitters.

This approach is known as Collaborative Consumption or Sharing Economy, and here Internet offers fantastic possibilities. People get in touch directly on dedicated websites. They bond over interests in common.
There are any number of websites for people to swap goods, exchange services, barter or trade in objects. Plenty of travel-dedicated websites, such as AirBnb or Couchsurfing for vacationers. Enjoy a meal in someone’s home with Cookening or Eatwith. Hire a car on Getaround. Go to Blablacar or Lyft to travel as a car-sharing passenger. House swap on Cosmopolit Home, HomeforExchange or Trampolinn. Some like Knok specialize in family house swaps. Others like Greeters or Vayable provide local guide services.

There are countless new ways travelling and accessing travel services on Internet. Websites can assist you drafting your advert and help specify the services you need, they protect your identity under a pseudo. Other websites have dedicated email systems for registered members to swap information in greater security.
To date, house-sitting dedicated websites are few. But given the nature of the World Wide Web they naturally operate cross border. They serve house-sitters seeking to go abroad. And owners that are happy for their homes to be looked after by foreign travelers.

NOMADOR was set up in France by French people as a bilingual French and English venture to help home-owners and house-sitters get in touch directly. France is a huge draw for incoming foreign tourists. The capital Paris is the world’s leading destination. France being so diverse, its different regions attract French vacationers to stay within its borders. The domestic market in house-sitting is well-organized and a French website offers great possibilities to house-sitters from abroad.

  • Benefits:
    Post a carefully drafted advert on a house-sitting P2P website, and it will immediately attract interest from prospective house-sitters.
    There are cost savings, as members register for a small fee, and trial offers may be available free. 
    House-sitting websites have a wider appeal than specialist agencies. They are open to house-sitters from all walks of life and ages looking for an attractive destination. From singles to young or older professional couples, students on gap years, as well as retired persons who love travel.
    You choose the house-sitters you feel comfortable with to look after your home and pets. You get to know candidates on the internal email system before you swap personal details and get in touch by phone or Skype.
    An internationally-oriented home-sitting website is ideal for people who want to travel to new places, and seek to make new friends in foreign countries.
  • Remember: You need to be hands-on. You’re not paying anyone else to do things for you. It’s like going to AirBnb for accommodation—or any other community website. You may attract several candidates, especially if you advertise at the right time and live in a popular destination. You will have to spend time assessing candidates’ profiles. You discuss before you find the right people for your home. And of course you need to be organized, and work out dates, travel times and other details…

NOMADOR is the leading international bilingual platform dedicated to house-sitting. It is the only website that works in English and French and incorporates integrated translation tools to facilitate communication between members.
Launched by the founders of ILIDOR, a European agency that’s a leader in house-sitting and has an 8 year track record, NOMADOR website provides an alternative solution to home-owners and home-sitters. NOMADOR is an ideal response to changing demands in market: 
- It helps home-owners find house-sitters or pet-sitters through direct contact
- It makes house-sitting a viable option for many more people than before. It ensures pet-owners save on fees payable to an agency. It avoids paying money to pet-sitters. Fees can be a burden on families or young couples going away on holiday.
- It provides a lower cost solution in the shape of a user-friendly website whose features are constantly enhanced (checks of ID and home locations, feed-back of members’ opinions, building on-line Profiles …). A few years ago, the traditional Agency was the main source of pet-sitters or home-sitters.  Now digital technology puts prospective house-sitters and home-owners directly in touch.

On NOMADOR tools are available free of charge to home-owners to help home-sitters take best care of homes while owners are away. Among these are the Home Book. It lists key headings for useful information and contact numbers. Home-owners simply fill in the required information.  Then house-sitters can do the job well. And home-owners can go away with peace of mind.


The best way to find house-sitters is the one you choose!

If you want a professional to find you a house-sitter, do a local search and you’ll be almost certain to find someone offering that service.

If you want a secure communication channel to look for a house-sitter, or to assess candidates yourself and see their profiles before getting in touch, then Click on this page. It costs you nothing to trial the Discovery Option and create your own advert for house-sitters.

Use NOMADOR to draft your advert and create a dedicated page describing what your house has to offer prospective house-sitters. Once your advert is ready, click to share it on the social networks (email, Twitter or Facebook). Nothing could be easier than to keep your friends up to date. Or find new friends!

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