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Why Families With Kids Make Such Great House-sitters

Many housesitting assignments call for specific types of caregivers. Sometimes housesitters with special skills are needed and other times requests are based solely on a homeowner’s personal preference. We’ve found most assignments aren’t advertised as family friendly. This can be for a variety of reasons; limited space, environments that aren’t suitable for young children, or pets that aren’t used to having kids around.

We’ve had experience house sitting for a couple of homeowners that initially deemed their listings not family friendly. In each case, we overcame the homeowner’s objections and went on to earn great reviews.

Our son Makai is a great housesitter! He has a different perspective on pet care - a cuddlier and more playful one. There are actually several reasons why families with kids make great housesitters.

More love and attention for pets

The thing we love most about housesitting is getting to know a destination on a local level. Exploring neighborhoods beyond the tourist zones enriches our travel experiences in many ways. We rarely have use of a car when we housesit so we walk to explore and do all of our day-to-day shopping as well.

Having an enthusiastic helper like Makai makes taking pets with us on different excursions much easier. In fact, when we care for dogs they come out with us most times because we have an extra set of eyes and hands to care for them!

Some pets feel a bit of anxiety when separated from their owners. I think this is where Makai has had the greatest impact on animals. He, like most kids, is acutely interested in the pets from the first moment.

When we first arrive at a housesit, Mak’s primary focus is connecting with the furry family members, while we get to know the homeowners. He thinks his attention and eagerness to play is a great distraction for them. We’ve found on many occasions that pets resume “business as usual” soon after their owner's depart. They don’t have time to mope, they have a keen seven year old willing to run, play, or cuddle with them!

Mak thinks kids excel at easing pets anxiety, offering lots of playtime and more one-on-one attention that helps them feel less sad their owners are gone.

Kids help pets expand their social circles

Homeowners can be hesitant sometimes because their pets haven’t had much experience with kids. Makai’s favorite housesitting assignment involved a fear-biting Dachshund named Peanut. The homeowners were so concerned about their dog's nervous tendencies they rejected our application as soon as they found out we had a young son. They were afraid their dog could bite because he wasn’t used to being around kids and had a habit of nipping when he was nervous.

We requested a Skype call to talk about their concerns. We explained Makai had grown up around dogs that could be fear-aggressive. He knew how to behave around pets with those kinds of nervous tendencies. We ended up landing the assignment, and it was our longest and most rewarding house sit to date.

Makai helped Peanut the Dachshund to learn people weren’t a threat to him. He wanted to be Peanut’s friend and worked very hard to gain his trust and help him feel less anxiety. It was such a great feeling to see the homeowners face when he returned from his trip. He saw Mak running and playing with Peanut and learned we all could pick him up and cuddle him too. The look on his face was priceless; he couldn’t believe the difference in his dog's behavior.

More gets done for the pets and the homeowners!

Pets and homeowners get three enthusiastic people working for them when we house sit. This makes it easy to give the animals a lot of attention and still get lots done for the homeowners around the house as well!

We always like to leave a home in the same condition or better than when we arrived to housesit. Maks’s help with the pets frees up more time for Rob and me to do things for the homeowners. The priority is always the pet care and Makai is the part of our housesitting team that makes sure it stays that way when Rob and I get busy maintaining or fixing stuff around the house or property.

Families with kids make great house sitters in most situations. The biggest benefit by far is more attention and one-on-one time for the pets.

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The Expat Experiment

Tracey, Rob and Makai are a Canadian family who has been traveling and doing some house sitting along the way since April 2014. They love sharing what they learn about the places they visit and the challenges and rewards of living an unconventional family life on their blog, The Expat Experiment.

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