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Linda B.

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Spring, Texas, United States

Von Mittwoch 2024

Bis zum Donnerstag 2024

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Mein Alter:
50 Jahre
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Spring, Texas, United States

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Hello! My name is Linda, and I am a science teacher from Texas. I started teaching 18 years ago and have taught Science to 7th- and 8th-Graders as well as AP Environmental Science, Chemistry, Earth/Space, and Biology to high schoolers. This will be my final year teaching in-person as I am transitioning to remote online opportunities. I would love to spend the next few years traveling as a home-sitter and taking opportunities to explore the world at the same time. I've raised two wonderful sons who are now adults and on their own. My husband of 28-years travels frequently as a contract employee helping to establish productive and efficient maintenance departments for established and developing manufacturing corporations. I am looking forward to traveling experiences of my own.