Fresnes, Île-de-France, France

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House with garden in a friendly neighborhood. You can enjoy your breakfast/lunch/dinner on the terrace or snuggle in front of the fireplace. The beautiful Parc de Sceaux is only a 10 minutes walk away.
Our home is perfect to explore Paris: 13-minutes walk to the train station + 15 minutes drive and you are in the heart of Paris. The close-by city Antony is worth a visit, too, it has a beautiful market and cute little shops. If you want to go hiking or just enjoy nature, there are several forests and national parks within 30-minutes drive by car.
Last but not least our 2 cats Jiji & Mamoru can't wait to meet you :)

Bedürfnisse und Tiere

  • Meine Tiere
  • 2 Katzen
The cats get food twice a day and really enjoy some playtime. The two cat toilets get cleaned once or twice a day.
Our two cats are only allowed to go outside the garden for now (we made it cat-escape-proof), so please be careful when opening doors and please do not leave them outside unattended.

Praktisches informationen

  • Stadt
  • Zwischen 50 m² und 150 m²
  • Zwischen 20 m² und 200 m²
  • Bushaltestelle
  • Bahnhof
  • Markt
  • Kleiner Supermarkt/Geschäft
  • Supermarkt
  • Arzt
  • Apotheke
  • Tierarzt
  • Internet
  • Fernseher
  • Geschirrspülmaschine
  • Waschmaschine
  • Gefrierschrank
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The neighborhood is friendly, with a lot of single family homes. Grocery shops are near by (Intermarché, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, and a very good Asian Supermarket). More shopping can be done in the city of Antony (15 minutes walk). For more variety, Paris is easy accessible with the RER within 30 minutes (including the walk to the train station).
The house is spacious. The kitchen has everything you need (big fridge, oven, gas stove, microwave, dishwasher) to cook your proper meals. You can also use the barbecue in the garden.

Komfort und Luxus

  • 2 étages
  • 4 Zimmer davon ein Schlafzimmer
  • Zeitgenössisch
  • Terrasse/Balkon
  • Eigener Parkplatz
  • Fernseher/DVD-Bibliothek
  • Bibliothek
  • Ausgestattete Küche
One bike (for women), barbecue, many board and video games.

Tourismus und Freizeit

  • Stadt
  • Museum
  • Kino
  • Theater / Oper
In Paris, there is of course a lot to see: Museums, cultural attractions, beautiful monuments...
Close by, we can really recommend the Parc de Sceaux which is a beautiful park with a small chateau and pond to take long walks.

Fresnes, Île-de-France, France

Fresnes, France


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COVID-INFO: We made flexible reservations for our hotels to be adapted to possible new travel restrictions. In case of new governmental announcements, we might need to cancel our vacation.

We want to leave on Saturday, 5 of June and come back on Saturday, June 19 during the day.
We'd search a house sitter who can come either on Friday, 4 of June, in the evening, or Saturday, 5 June, early in the morning,
and who can stay until June 19 late afternoon/evening or even June 20.

We have a spare guest room and are happy to host a pre-leave and/or come-back dinner :)

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