Toulouse, Occitanie, France

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4 bedroom house with an additional self-contained studio apartment, on three floors. We're 20 mins walk from the Place du Capitole, so right by the heart of the ancient city. Museums, restaurants, sightseeing all on your doorstep. A beautiful old 'toulousaine' house that we've recently renovated, converting it into a modern, spacious home. We have a garden and small pool, and lovely neighbours. You're welcome to stay either in the studio apartment or in the main house above of course (probably easier for access to cats for cuddles!) We have wifi, netflix, amazon prime etc. Supermarket 1 minutes walk away and for those not inclined to walk to the center, there is a free little bus that goes from just by the supermarket to the center, and back, every 20 mins.

Bedürfnisse und Tiere

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  • 3 Katzen
Montea is only allowed in the garden, so he comes and goes as he pleases through the cat flap. He just needs his morning treat of soft food and then his bowl of croquettes topped up each day. Melba is the fussy one who won't use the cat flap and demands to be let out of the front door (and in again!) She has a very loud meow, so you won't miss it! She and her sister Mango are allowed out, beyond the garden. Mango does use the cat flap. Both have their own food bowls and water fountain on the upper floor, and tend to like to sleep on our daughters beds (while Montea has is favourite cat basked downstairs - or if it's summer, he'll lounge on the sofas outside on the terrace!)

Praktisches informationen

  • Stadt
  • Zwischen 150 m² und 500 m²
  • Zwischen 200 und 1000 m²
  • S-/U-Bahnstation/Tramway
  • Bushaltestelle
  • Bahnhof
  • Flughafen
  • Supermarkt
  • Arzt
  • Apotheke
  • Internet
  • Fernseher
  • Geschirrspülmaschine
  • Waschmaschine
  • Gefrierschrank
  • Geschlossener Garten
  • Erdgeschoss
  • Kein barrierefreier Zugang

Komfort und Luxus

  • 3 étages
  • 10 Zimmer davon 5 Schlafzimmer
  • Zeitgenössisch
  • Terrasse/Balkon
  • Eigener Parkplatz
  • Landschaftsgarten
  • Veranda
  • Fernseher/DVD-Bibliothek
  • Bibliothek
  • Kunst und Musik
  • Ausgestattete Küche
  • Schwimmbecken

Tourismus und Freizeit

  • Ländliche Umgebung
  • Stadt
  • Museum
  • Kino
  • Theater / Oper
Toulouse has everything - shopping, restaurants, museums, theatre. It's a real cultural haven. Must Do's: Victor Hugo market (daily) followed by lunch above it at one of the market-run little restaurants. Drinks at Ma Biche sur le Toit above the main department store for an unparalleled roof-top view of the centre. Brunch on Place Capitole at Restaurtant Floride. Visit to any of the amazing museums. Walking tour of the key historical sites in the centre. Coffee at one of the pop up bars ('Guinguettes') along the River Garonne, usually in summer only but currently open longer.

Toulouse, Occitanie, France

Toulouse, France


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