Brietlingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Gastgeber: Heidi W.
Veröffentlicht am 06 August 2022

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Allgemeine Beschreibung

  • Hauptwohnsitz
Cottage house with big garden and own jetty alongside small river.
Perfect for people who want to take a break from busy city living and who
don't want to meet or even see other people every day. Also great for digital nomads.

We're looking for somebody super reliable to take care of our 2 cats, our house and garden while we go on holiday.

Bedürfnisse und Tiere

  • Meine Tiere
  • Tiere mit besonderen Bedürfnissen
  • Viele Pflanzen
  • Großer Garten
  • 2 Katzen
The cats are very needy. They like to have a lot of company, I work from home most of the time so I would like somebody who either is on holiday or can also work remotely. One of the cats needs medication twice a day, always at the same time.

Praktisches informationen

  • Dorf
  • Zwischen 50 m² und 150 m²
  • Über 1000 m²
  • Erdgeschoss
  • Kein barrierefreier Zugang
Our house in a small village with approx 400 people. There is a bus connection into the next village - for shopping - or also into town but using a bicycle is easier and more flexible.

Komfort und Luxus

  • Eine Etage
  • 3 Zimmer davon 2 Schlafzimmer
  • Terrasse/Balkon
  • Eigener Parkplatz
  • Landschaftsgarten
  • Fernseher/DVD-Bibliothek
  • Bibliothek
  • Ausgestattete Küche
  • Sportausstattung
We have our own jetty alongside a river. You can go swimming or Stand Up Paddling (we have boards). Or you can just enjoy the garden and one of the many spots to sit and enjoy the nature, countryside and views.

Tourismus und Freizeit

  • Ländliche Umgebung
  • Wald
You can go for long walks in the woods or the nearby countryside, bike rides, bird watching, swimming, SUP...

Brietlingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Brietlingen, Germany


Von Freitag 2022

Bis zum Sonntag 2022

exakte Daten

These dates are fixed, our confirmed sitter cancelled so we are now looking for a new sitter for these exact dates.



Heidi W.

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