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I am looking for an adventurous couple (or 1 person) with a big love for animals and ready for  change in their lives. They must not be easily scared, tough enough to handle an earthquake, soft enough to talk to my pets like they were little humans :).
Besides that, if you, or one of you is handy fixing things, that is a big plus!
Because in this time span something might break and need fixing (like leaking tap/pipe or such) Also it would be good if you know how to ride a scooter or at least are willing to learn this, since we have no other transport around here.

I live here for 13+ years. I have 1 Bali dog, and 4 cats (+ a few wild ones), a house and garden to look after.

I am going  out of the country because I want to go to Europe for a longer period if possible,
to work and visit my kids and family and my 2nd grandchild was be born in November.

My house is very basic, 3 bedrooms (guest room, my room and animal room, outside bathroom with cold water shower and western toilet and a better bathroom with hot water tied to my bedroom., amazing outdoor kitchen with all you need to cook, indoor living room and small garden,
Guest room has 2 pers. bed, mosquito net and a fan. If you want to use my room with aircon, that's ok also, you will be more comfortable there.

I have to ask for €65 a month to cover electricity and internet. I pay all in advance before I leave, 6 months electricity, Internet, 5 months have to be covered by you, I live on a very tight budget, that's why I have to ask for money for the electricity and Internet on your arrival . There will be 6 months food stock for the animals too.

Bedürfnisse und Tiere

  • Meine Tiere
  • Ein Hund
  • 5 Katzen
  • Fische
  • Nutztiere
My white dog, Putih, can under no circumstances go free outside.
She is not allowed to walk free, she loves scaring the locals, biting scared little kids and fighting some dogs (she's white trash and lived her previous life in a trailer park in South USA!). She does have doggy friends also. She is also attached to a rope when home in the beginning when I leave, because she will escape. Soon as she is used to you, she can go off the rope inside the house.. She acts like a bully when walking outside but she is actually very sweet!
She is a rescue dog and had a tough start in life.

Then there are the cats,  at the moment 4 of them.
I will introduce them to you when you arrive here.
They pretty much live their lives by themselves, they will come  for some cuddling :) I cook fish and rice for them, as for the dog also, twice a week.
There is always dry food and fresh water available for my animals. The bowls are kept full, fresh water every day.

Don't be surprised by the daily visits of my rooster "stelts", He's a rescue and comes every day to get some dogfood. He's tame enough to eat seeds from your hand and loves his cuddles.

Besides that, other tasks are keeping the house clean and water the garden, feed the fish and keep the pond and garden clean.
Normally I takes me around  two and a half hours a day to walk the dog and keep the house and garden up to date. I have to sweep or vacuum and mop the floor, clean the kitchen (which is outside) and garden every day.
The other rooms and garage (falling apart) you can clean as you like, as long as I get everything back in the same state I left the house.
Of course all is done with love and respect.

Praktisches informationen

  • Dorf
  • Zwischen 50 m² und 150 m²
  • Zwischen 20 m² und 200 m²
  • Markt
  • Kleiner Supermarkt/Geschäft
  • Supermarkt
  • Arzt
  • Krankenhaus
  • Tierarzt
  • Internet
  • Waschmaschine
  • Geschlossener Garten
  • Erdgeschoss
  • Kein barrierefreier Zugang
I've been riding the covid19 wave here and it has been very relaxed with no worries at all .
Due to covid, restaurants and shops are closed at 9PM.
Opposite of my house there are few local shops where you can buy all basics. At 1.5 km are ATM, western and local supermarkets.
I live in a fisherman village in Amed area, at the feet of the holy mount Agung, Bali. Here is THE diving spot of Bali. We still have breath taking reefs that makes this the perfect snorkelling spot and in the top 5 of worlds best diving spots.

The real Bali is still here. My house is near the beach, but it's not quiet since I live with the local people, you will be in midst of local life. They can be loud sometimes, especially when there are ceremonies.
The Balinese children are a joy to watch, every day around sunset you will find them (and me) on the beach. Their smiles are a true source of energy!

The local people here like to chat with you and will ask you many questions out of curiosity. They are extremely friendly, and smile a lot. You will be invited to their homes for coffee ,food or drink arak ????

We have NO crime at all here in my village!
I have unlimited WIFI.

Rainy season the beach has periods of many plastics, I organise cleanups with a few people on regular basis, but it can get overwhelming sometimes. Most locals don't seem to care about the plastic ending up on the beach and in the ocean.
I'm just trying to let you know, it's not all paradise here!

Google "Bali Amed" and you'll find lots of info about this place on earth there.

I have an amazing group of friends that will help with any advice.
I always make an whatsapp group for communication. We have a Facebook group where you can post any questions about Amed. Lots of expats know the answer for sure!

We have no public transportation around here.
You really need to ride motorbike (the best transport for discovering the Amed area) or rent bicycle to get around!
I have 2 old motorbikes that you can use. They have no papers nor insurance and can only be used around Amed (from cullik to saraya, a stretch of about 30 km)
If you want to go sightseeing further, you need to rent a good motorbike, for about 40k a day or 600k a month.

Komfort und Luxus

  • Eine Etage
  • Ein Zimmer davon 2 Schlafzimmer
  • Zeitgenössisch
  • Landschaftsgarten
  • Bibliothek
  • Klimaanlage
  • Ausgestattete Küche
There are books and Internet

Tourismus und Freizeit

  • Meer
  • Strand
There are lots of "instagram" photo opportunities around, great daytours reachable by motorbike. You can't use the housebikes to do this, since they are old, not reliable enough and out of papers.
Few spots nearby to google:
Tirta gangga waterpalace
Maha gangga Valley
Lahangan Sweet
Lempuyang Temple complex
Ujung water palace
Rumah Pohon

Of course we have amazing dive and snorkel spots around, coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Google "Bali Amed" and you'll find lots of info about this place on earth there.

I still love discovering the area by motorbike, it's always an adventure, especially if you love to shoot photo's.
The Balinese love to pose for this.

Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

Karangasem, Karangasem Sub-District, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia


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