Schellenberg, Liechtenstein

Gastgeber: Katrin H.
Veröffentlicht am 12 Januar 2023

Allgemeine Beschreibung

  • Hauptwohnsitz
Our house is located in a small village and surrounded by woods and meadows. It has a large garden with a jacuzzi. You can sit outside or inside while reading a book and enjoying the sun. You can also go on a walk through the woods or the village. The Swiss Alps are very nearby for hiking, too. There's several meadows that are part of the property, so you can enjoy different views of the mountains or have a barbecue. There's a shop in the village that you can walk to in 20 minutes or reach by bus in 5 minutes. There's also three restaurants in the village, and many more are easy to reach by car or public transport. You can also discover museums, art and culture. Our three cats like spending a lot of time outside in the Spring and Summer and are rather independent. Two of them like to cuddle and the company of a human, one is very shy.

Bedürfnisse und Tiere

  • Meine Tiere
  • Viele Pflanzen
  • 3 Katzen
We want someone to look after our cats while we are away. That means mainly feeding them once a day, but also cuddling a bit if they want to. Or giving them a treat. Looking after their health is also important, e. g. taking ticks off. And sometimes they might bring a mouse or vomit, so cleaning up would be necessary. The cats are quite independent and can leave and enter the house by themselves, but we don't want them to feel left alone. You could easily leave for a 2-day-trip as long as you feed them in the morning before you leave and in the evening when you return.

Praktisches informationen

  • Dorf
  • Zwischen 150 m² und 500 m²
  • Über 1000 m²
  • Bushaltestelle
  • Kleiner Supermarkt/Geschäft
  • Arzt
  • Apotheke
  • Krankenhaus
  • Tierarzt
  • Internet
  • Fernseher
  • Geschirrspülmaschine
  • Waschmaschine
  • Gefrierschrank
  • Erdgeschoss
  • Kein barrierefreier Zugang
If you want to spend a quiet time in the nature, this is the place for you. You will hear birds in the morning and might see deer in front of the house or have some cows or sheep nearby. However, you are not isolated, but in a small village with a bus stop nearby. However, a car is much easier to get around. There's a small shop and three restaurants in the village. You can go for a walk in the vicinity, hiking in the Swiss Alps or travel to a city, e. g. Zurich is just an hour and a half away.

Komfort und Luxus

  • 3 étages
  • 10 Zimmer davon 3 Schlafzimmer
  • Zeitgenössisch
  • Terrasse/Balkon
  • Eigener Parkplatz
  • Fernseher/DVD-Bibliothek
  • Ausgestattete Küche
  • Sauna / Whirlpool
We have a jacuzzi in the garden to relax. You can also watch Netflix on a large TV or rent movies on iTunes if you have an account. There are a few books to read in German and English, but not a vast library. There's two kitchens, so if you enjoy cooking, there's enough space. Also there are several possiblities to have a barbecue in the garden, in the front of the house or on a meadow overlooking the Swiss Alps.

Tourismus und Freizeit

  • Berge
  • Ländliche Umgebung
  • Wald
  • Museum
  • Kino
  • Theater / Oper
Our house is in Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world, just 5 minutes from Switzerland and Austria. It's situated in the Alps, so you can go hiking or visit quaint villages, e. g. the home of Heidi is only half an hour away. There's also various museums, theaters, cinemas, bars and restaurants as well as shopping centers and stores that you can reach by car or public transport in 15 minutes. If you want to travel to a city, Zurich is just one and a half hours away. Lake Constance is another beautiful area to visit for a boat tour or a stroll in one of the nice lakeside towns (Bregenz, Konstanz, Lindau...).

Schellenberg, Liechtenstein

9488 Schellenberg, Liechtenstein


Von Montag 2023

Bis zum Mittwoch 2023

flexible Daten

We will be on vacation from September 5th to September 12th. Ideally you would arrive one day prior to our departure so we can instruct you, and leave one day after our return. However, this is up for discussion.



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