Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua

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My house is a new small house of 2 bedrooms (so its possible for min. 2 max 4 people) a big kitchen, open mainroom, and one room which is in the style of a small shop which will be closed.
The house will apeal to artists since it is covered in murals and small solar lights. Big patio with two flower gardens of 16sqmeter. Fruit trees: Mango, Dragonfruit, jocote, papaya, different herbs, lots of flowers. 100 meter from the beach in a safe quiet area. 5 min walking from restaurants, 50 meter from shops where you can buy basics (bread, pastas, meat, eggs, oil, phonecredit etc.
I have a cat Mussolini who visits the house in the early evening.

Bedürfnisse und Tiere

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I have a nicaraguan family who are my caretakers. They live across the street and will work at the garden. They get paid by me and I dont want to interrupt their payment so if you like gardening you can work beside them, but please let them in.
Basically what I want is people living inside the house because august untill december are the low months of the year. Since I am away on a long term family matter, the rest of the year it is a vacational rent house. This family only speak spanish, es does the whole town so I need people who speak spanish.
I only have a cat who basically takes care of himself. What I like housesitters to do is teach at least once or twice a week english to the children of the street. (books and whiteboard are at the house) . Because its a long sit, I do ask you to pay for the electricity, gas, water and internet use. With normal usage this comes down to about 55-60 dolar a month.
You are allowed to make small trips in Nicaragua as long as you don't stay away for +2 weeks at the time .
I have 2 bedrooms available for max 4 people. I want min. 2 people as housesitters. Subletting the other room is not permitted! If you get guests (friends ) of yourself please let me know before.

Praktisches informationen

  • Dorf
  • Zwischen 50 m² und 150 m²
  • Zwischen 20 m² und 200 m²
  • Bushaltestelle
  • Kleiner Supermarkt/Geschäft
  • Arzt
  • Internet
  • Fernseher
  • Gefrierschrank
  • Geschlossener Garten
  • Erdgeschoss
  • Barrierefreier Zugang
Poneloya is a beach town. In the village live fishermen and around the beach are luxury vacation houses. We are 100 mtr inside the village so it is very quiet, we all know and help each other. Houses have about a 20 meter distance of each other sometimes so there is a lot of space. The bus to the colonial city of Leon leaves at 5.15 and the last one back is at 19.30 (each half an hour) Party in Leon you have to stay there, come back with the first bus, or take a taxi (18 dolar in the night). most groceries we buy in Poneloya, fruit and vegetables are offered by a small farmers truck that comes by 2-3 times a week. other groceries we buy in Leon (bus costs half a dolar). We hear the ocean and it is easy and safe to walk over the beach o go swim nearby. Surfing is possible, Surf lessons are given in the more international touristic village of Las Penitas close by. We have bikes. Poneloya is the kind of town that has a almost deserted beach during weekdays. Saturday and Sunday local Tourists come enjoy the beach and the many restaurants of Poneloya. (Restaurant prices are better in Poneloya then Las Penitas, also fish or lobster to prepare yourself is really cheap). every Saturday there is a local dance party either in Poneloya or Las Penitas. Also we life a 5 min walk distance of the local poolhouse (owner is our good friend and we will introduce you to him)

Komfort und Luxus

  • Eine Etage
  • 2 Zimmer davon ein Schlafzimmer
  • Traditionell
  • Veranda
  • Fernseher/DVD-Bibliothek
  • Ausgestattete Küche
We have books and a huge dvd collection. There is a TV with local channels and dvd player in the kitchen.
I have a child of 2 and have a playground for him (sand area- grass garden for playing, charcoal paint area and walking cars). So the place is suitable for children!
(for family is accepted with max 3 children.)

Tourismus und Freizeit

  • Meer
  • Strand
  • Museum
  • Kino
  • Theater / Oper
What can I say, Pacific Ocean beach, just 100 mtr away. Need I say more? Surf rental and lessons close by, there is a mangrove forest you can take tours to, My husband can take you up the Telica volcano to camp in the first days when you arrive, there is kano rental in las penitas, horsebackriding over the beach, And ofcourse city life in Colonial Leon, just 20 min busride away.

You are there during rainseason, still Leon area usually have rain during the afternoon/night and the rest of the day the beach is still very nice. You must accept temperatures of 34+ though! I have simple fans but no airconditioning and between 10 and 15.00 it can get really hot. So normally people get up really early in town to do most things.
Fresh tortillas and cooked beans can be bought in the morning (before 8! ) from our caretakers. You can also ask them to cook for you (but you have to pay them, But Maria cooks really well!) laundry, there is a place for handwash. There is no machine. But you can also pay Maria to do your laundry and it gets really clean and is cheaper than laundry service in Leon! ;) and you help a poor family.

Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua

Poneloya, Nicaragua


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Dates are flexible. I just want you to start some moment in the first week of august and end some moment in the first week of december.

Its a small village you are in. You live among middle class and poor families. Not many expats close by. So you must like to be around the locals, this is the type of person I am searching for. People who like to live without too much luxury.
Wifi is good, though you are at the beach in Nicaragua, not always reliable. If you need to be on skype all day I wouldnt do it because sometimes skype isnt that clear. Other things work very well.
There are a lot of restaurants close by.
I am not that keen on people who invite other people they meet in. I have had a case of theft by 'friendly'people invited by guests. Apart from teaching the children (who dont have to enter the house for this) and my caretaker family I don't like people being invited in. Sure if you have a friend you already know visiting you, please let me know and its alright (but your responsibillity).



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