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What our members say

Paul C. from Marseille, France Stayed for 1 week in Salon-de-Provence (France) « I enjoyed meeting Paul and felt immediately at ease. He took care of my 2 cats while I was away and he kept me informed with messages and photos. The house was left very tidy. The garden and garden... » See profile
Camille B. from Queyssac, France Stayed for 3 week in San Roque (Spain) « Camille and Rainier are a couple that go the extra mile. I have never seen our dogs look so well as when i came home after a month and found them relaxed and well exercised. Beyond that they are... » See profile
Karen & Alyssa from Canada Stayed for 2 weeks in Oranjestad (Aruba) « From the first communication via email and skype, during our trip, to the handing over of the house on the last day, communication with Alyssa and Karen was pleasant, smooth and reliable. We have... » See profile
Susan I. from Ontario, Canada Stayed for 1 week in Mountain View (United States) « Sue was a fantastic house-sitter and did a wonderful job looking after our cat, Mr. Big. Sue took great care with our home and Mr. Big -- she cleaned and left yummy treats for us when we returned; she... » See profile

Be the perfect House-Sitter

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House-Sitters Tips

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Nomador Home-Book

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Pet-Sitting 101

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