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Kate R.

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Mon âge :
69 ans
Ma profession :
Ma ville :
North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Langues parlées

  • Anglais
  • Espagnol
  • Français

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  • Afrique
  • Asie
  • Australie
  • Belgique
  • Canada
  • Suisse
  • Allemagne
  • Espagne
  • Europe
  • France
  • Royaume-Uni
  • Italie
  • Maroc
  • Amérique du Nord
  • Nouvelle-Zélande
  • Océanie
  • Amérique du Sud
  • États-Unis

Passions et compétences

  • Scuba diving
  • backcountry skiing
  • cycling
  • mountains
  • oceans
  • rivers
  • forests
  • beaches
  • poetry
  • daydreaming
  • literature
  • film
  • theatre
  • astronomy


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Plus d'informations

I am a calm nonsmoking active and independent woman with excellent references. I have been housesitting in my home province of BC for the past 20 years and have joined this website to make more international connections.I am a homeowner and landlord and am conscientious and environmentally aware. I have cared for island homes where water conservation is paramount. I am comfortable living in remote locations as well as in the centre of the city.

I have completed 6 Nomador housesits and all 6 have invited me back to care for their pets and homes. Since 2015 I have completed over 30 housesits for another international housesitting website and have received a 5 star (highest) rating and have been requested for future assignments. I do prefer to plan several months in advance and like to arrange housesits to complement my scuba and skiing and cycling commitments.

In April and May 2015 I completed 3 housesits in France: 2 weeks with 2 charming cats in Paris, 2 weeks with an adorable poodle, 2 delightful cats and a few fish in a small winemaking village in the Minervois, and 1 week with an energetic young dog and her somewhat reclusive cat companion in a hamlet near Limoges. In July 2016 I cared for 3 poodles, 3 cats, 4 chooks and a handful of fish near Canberra Australia on my way to scuba diving Ningaloo Reef. I completed my first Nomador assignment in La Creuse area during September 2016. I cared for 3 energetic and loving dogs (Vizsla, border collie and jack russell terrier) together with 2 independent and fabulously personable cats, 2 ducks and a large contingent of fish.

I returned to housesit near Sissinghurst, Kent, UK for 2 lively "velcro vizslas" Nov 3-9 2016 and I housesat for 3 different families in Paris during October and November 2016.
During Christmas 2016 and New Year's 2017 I cared for 2 shihtzus in Tokyo.

In March 2017 I returned from Japan to housesit in Victoria and on various Gulf Islands for new and repeat homeowners during the spring and summer. I returned to France in September 2017 and housesat for new and repeat homeowners in between cycling the Bassin d"Arcachon and walking some of the Camino trails in the Quercy Blanc area. I returned to Japan December 2017 - March 2018 and completed 7 housesits in between cycling and touring between Tokyo and Nara.

March 2018 through July 2018 I completed several repeat and 2 new housesits in the Gulf Islands and southern Vancouver Island area of BC, Canada.

August 2018 through November 2018 I walked and cyccled with friends in Provence, la Creuse and the Loire Valley. I completed 4 housesits, 2 repeats and 2 new.

I am spending the winter of 2018-19 in a small waterfront community on the west coast of BC, housesitting a most personable cat. I shall remain on the westcoast of BC through the summer, kayaking and visiting family and friends.

In April 2016 I retired from my work as a chef on a charter sailboat off the west coast of BC, Haida Gwaii, Khutzymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary and south-east Alaska and as head chef at a snowcat ski lodge in the Selkirk Mountains of BC. I have volunteered at a school cookery program in Vancouver BC and for a dental team in Tanzania. In 2011 I began scuba diving and have been exploring the cold water diving off the coast of BC and Alaska. For 2 weeks in September 2015 I dove in Bali and I dove in the Philippines and Australia in 2016. I skied backcountry on Hokkaido and Honshu Islands in Japan January-February 2017.

I am enjoying travelling slowly both internationally and locally. I truly love spending time with well-loved pets. I prioritize their needs and enjoy settling into their homes and communities.

I look forward to meeting you and your pets.


Par isabelle F., le 27/10/2018
Kate est une femme absolument charmante ; nous avons passé de très bons moments ensemble. Elle s'est occupée à merveille du chien, du chat et de la maison qui était toute propre à mon retour et embellie par de jolis bouquets de fleurs des champs... même la voiture était nettoyée et le jardin ratissé...
Je serais ravie d'accueillir Kate une prochaine fois qui de surcroît donne régulièrement des nouvelles du bien-être des animaux. Vous pouvez confier vos bêtes comme votre logis en toute quiétude à Kate, c'est une personne fiable et parfaitement autonome.
Par Anne C., le 20/09/2018
Kate a autant d'intérêt pour les personnes et pour les animaux que de goût pour la nature. Elle s'adapte aux gens et aux lieux avec attention et délicatesse et elle a rendu mon chien très heureux
Par Peter, le 20/11/2017
Kate was a great house and pet sitter, and we enjoyed meeting her and so did our pets. She walked our dog, looked after our cats and aquarium fish. She was very careful and left the house clean and tidy.

Kate a été formidable et nous avons apprécié bien sa gentillesse et l'attention elle a donné nos chiens et chats. Elle a laissé la maison très propre et tout étaient bien rangé.
Par Maud P., le 31/10/2017
Nous sommes ravis et très satisfaits d'avoir confiés la garde de Shamalow à Kate.
C'est une personne très agréable, ponctuelle et soucieuse du bien-être des animaux. Elle donne régulièrement des nouvelles.
Nous avons retrouvé un appartement bien rangé et très propre.
Nous recommandons !
Par Susan, le 27/10/2017
We left our dog, our bird, our car and our house in Kate's hands. When we returned a few days later, it was as though we'd been gone only a few minutes. Kate paid loads of attention to the animals, taking our large dog on cool walks (and sending us photos regularly). She was also able to visit the surrounding area by bike -- farmers' markets and other points of interest.

And the house was spotless!

We will absolutely ask her back! And if our pets could talk, they would demand it!

Nous avons laissé à Kate notre chien, notre oiseau, notre voiture et notre maison pendant quelques jours, et à notre retour c'était comme si nous étions partis que quelques instants. Pendant ce temps, elle a pris grand soin de notre toutou, lui faisant des balades cools (en nous envoyant les photos régulièrement). Aussi, Kate a pu visiter les environs à vélo, découvrant les marchés des fermiers et d'autres points d'intérêt.

Sans question nous allons lui demander de revenir ! Et si nos animaux domestiques pourraient parler, ils l'exigeraient !
Par Melanie F., le 29/07/2017
Kate did an excellent job from start to finish. She is very prompt to reply to messages, was eager to 'get it right' and asked all the right questions She sent pictures and kept me informed. She is a very experienced house sitter and it shows. She took care of my two dogs, my extensive gardens and home beautifully. I would not hesitate to engage her serviced again. Thanks so much Kate. Melanie
Par Sue R., le 12/06/2017
What can I say Kate was wonderful:-). In the time between booking Kate and us leaving Ruby injured her paw and got got bit by another dog. It was a terrible week and we were conscerned about leaving her. Kate stayed with us the night before we left and in the morning we confidently left Ruby in Kate's very capable hands and it was a great experience for all of us.
Kate us updated and contacted us when Ruby wasn't feeling well from the medication, Kate dealt with it calmly and efficiently and truly wanted to do what was best for Ruby.
We returned home to a happy and healthy dog, our garden looking great and a clean house complete with clean sheets and towels.
I would not hesitate to recommend Kate and wish her all the best on her travels.
Par Paul, le 18/09/2016
Kate was great, plenty of contact before and during sit , animals well cared for and home secure :)