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Rubina D.

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Mon âge :
39 ans
Ma profession :
Natural Health Adviser
Ma ville :
Cork, County Cork, Ireland

Langues parlées

  • Anglais

Destinations favorites

  • Afrique
  • Asie
  • Australie
  • Belgique
  • Canada
  • Suisse
  • Allemagne
  • Espagne
  • Europe
  • France
  • Royaume-Uni
  • Italie
  • Maroc
  • Amérique du Nord
  • Nouvelle-Zélande
  • Océanie
  • Amérique du Sud
  • États-Unis

Passions et compétences

  • cycling
  • swimming
  • paragliding
  • sauna
  • yoga
  • walking
  • exercising

Animaux favoris

  • Oiseaux
  • Chats
  • Chiens
  • NAC
  • Animaux de la ferme
  • Poissons
  • Chevaux
  • Reptiles
  • Rongeurs


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Plus d'informations

I'm Rubina, 39 and originally from Galway, Ireland.
I love to travel and I'm currently travelling to find a great place to live
I was a young mother, my two daughters are now in their twenties.
They've spread their wings and I'm doing the same.

I had a health food business for 10+ years and try to keep as healthy as possible on my trips
I am currently on a bike trip in Spain, I started in Ireland in May and took a month touring in France where I had the pleasure of caring for a puppy via nomador

I love a healthy lifestyle, being active and outdoors.
I'm learning to speak Spanish in my spare time.
I like to fly paramotors when I can

Taking care of homes and pets is ideal to rest from cycling and seek out somewhere I'd like to live.
I will take generous care of the home and pets and fulfil domestic requirements
I have reference from previous house sits and from the owner of a house I rented for 9+ years in Cork Ireland, that I just returned to the owner in April 2019

I look forward to meeting you
Best wishes & happy travels


Le 20/02/2020
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Par Sacha P., le 23/08/2019
Rubina took care of our house and 2 cats during 4 weeks.
The cats were well taken care of, we found the house clean and tidy and Rubina was always helpful when we needed her to look for something for us in the house. She regularly sent us pictures and was very independent. I hope we'll have the luck to have her take care of our house and pets again
Par Sandrina V., le 16/06/2019
Ruby est une grande sportive qui est arrivée jusqu'à chez nous en vélo depuis son pays d'origine l'Irlande. ! Nous lui avons confié notre maison et notre petit chiot pendant une semaine et tout s'est bien passé. Ruby est calme, agréable et charmante.