Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Hôte : Iruka O.
Publié le 20 Juin 2021

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Description générale

  • Résidence principale
My home is my safe place, I've taken really good care to have it as it looks right now and both my dog and I feel very comfortable in it. It is perfect for an only person or a couple. It's very spacious and has a lot of sunlight with views of the mountains of Collserola. It's seconds walk to green areas and not far from very nice hills with great views of Barcelona were I go very often to hang with Kali, my dog!

Besoins et Animaux

  • Mes animaux
  • Un chien
I have a big and kind dog called Kali. He is mixed raced, Mastin and German Shepperd. He likes long walks where he can run free away from the roads. He eats dog food and sometimes some vegetables or fruits that I feed him whilst cooking for myself, but I don't give him cooked meals for humans. I also have some plans at home that need to be watered once a week in the summer and more randomly in winter. I'd expect from the house sitter to walk Kali 3 times a day and to water my plants when needed :D

Vie pratique

  • Ville
  • Entre 50 et 150 m²
  • Aucun terrain/balcon
  • Station de métro/tramway
  • Arrêt de bus
  • Marché
  • Boutique / Supérette
  • Supermarché
  • Médecin
  • Pharmacie
  • Hôpital
  • Vétérinaire
  • Internet
  • Télévision
  • Lave-vaisselle
  • Lave-linge
  • Congélateur
  • Avec ascenseur
  • 3e étage
  • Pas accessible aux handicapés
The neighborhood is very quiet, there are lots of green areas and the supermarkets and metro station are 5 min walk. The house is spacious and easy to take care of. My dog Kali is very quiet and only barks if he hears a non-familiar noise. And doesn't bark for long.

Confort et Luxe

  • Un étage
  • 3 pièces dont 2 chambres
  • Contemporaine

Tourisme et Loisirs

  • La mer
  • La montagne
  • La ville
  • Plage
  • Musée
  • Zoo
  • Cinéma
  • Théâtre / Opéra
I live in Barcelona city, but in a quiet area! The ocean is just 30min by metro or bike and the city is really walkable! There are plenty of cultural attractions and also mountain hikes nearby.

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona, Spain


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