Virum, Denmark

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Description générale

  • Résidence principale
Country looking house with 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom + an extra WC/shower.
Virum is a beautiful, green, and safe residential suburb in northern Copenhagen
It's a 20 min train ride to central Copenhagen and to the beach.
The train station and shopping just a five minutes walk from the house.
Forest and lakes around the corner.
Great location for people who love nature and ideally located for people who want to visit Copenhagen area.

Besoins et Animaux

  • Mes animaux
  • Un chien
  • 2 chats
We have a 1,5-year-old black german shepherd (male and not castrated) and two 7-year-old neutered female cats (sisters).
The cats are easy to care for as they only need food and water once/twice a day plus some cuddles.
The dog requires more attention and care. It needs a firm, confident, loving, and calm carer who has the energy to take him on walks twice a day and who can manage him. You need to used to big strong-willed dogs! He is young and can spend hours running after sticks (land and water) He goes to training on Saturdays and he is used to children ( we have two) We would be happy to tell you more when we talk.

Vie pratique

  • Ville
  • Entre 150 et 500 m²
  • Plus de 1000 m²
  • Arrêt de bus
  • Gare ferroviaire
  • Boutique / Supérette
  • Supermarché
  • Médecin
  • Pharmacie
  • Vétérinaire
  • Internet
  • Télévision
  • Lave-vaisselle
  • Lave-linge
  • Congélateur
  • Jardin clos
  • Rez-de-chaussée
  • Pas accessible aux handicapés

Confort et Luxe

  • 2 étages
  • 7 pièces dont une chambre
  • Ancien
  • Place de parking réservée

Tourisme et Loisirs

  • La mer
  • La campagne
  • La forêt
  • La ville
  • Plage
  • Musée
  • Parc d'attraction
  • Zoo
  • Cinéma
  • Théâtre / Opéra
Virum is a perfect place for a couple or families. It may be a bit boring for single people who want to meet people and go out at night though central CPH is only 15 km away. It's a perfect place if you like long hikes or bike rides in the forest and around the lake. It is a safe area and calm area where you can get some quiet time and rest between city visits.

Virum, Denmark

2830 Virum, Denmark


Du Vendredi 2021

Au Lundi 2022

dates flexibles

These dates are indicative (we plan to travel abroad during Xmas time) We normally travel abroad a few times a year and it is important for us to know that our animals are well taken care of. So far we have had a lady come over and free the cats and we take are shepherd with us but for longer flight it will not be possible so in the future we would prefer to have someone stay at the house and care for them three.



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