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Kandern, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Hôte : Paula Apollonia G.
Publié le 18 Janvier 2020

Description générale

  • Résidence principale
Cozy Apartment in 1689 old house in the centre of the village Kandern in the black forest.

Besoins et Animaux

  • Mes animaux
  • Un chien
Suli loves to cuddle, so he needs his daily dosis of cuddleing :) With going for a walk he is quiet flexible. Normally he likes to sleep longer in the morning. Also it depends on his mood and the weather of his walking motivation.
If he is walking on the leash, sometimes (it depends on the other dog) he is barking.
So it would be great if you have some experience already with dogs to show him that you are the boss ;)

Vie pratique

  • Village
  • Entre 50 et 150 m²
  • Aucun terrain/balcon
  • Arrêt de bus
  • Aéroport
  • Marché
  • Boutique / Supérette
  • Supermarché
  • Médecin
  • Pharmacie
  • Vétérinaire
  • Internet
  • Lave-vaisselle
  • Lave-linge
  • Congélateur
  • Pas d'ascenseur
  • 2e étage
  • Pas accessible aux handicapés
My Apartment has a small kitchen, a nice bathroom with a bath tub. Than you have two other rooms. One is the living and clothing room. The other room is the bed and work/yoga space.
In front of my home lives my 83 year old granny. She is super cute and openminded. She loves to get to know new people, to cook and bake. She also has a beautiful garden, where suli and i haning around often in the spring and summer time.

The village is close to the black forest and the really beautiful benifit is the forest spring where you can get fresh water. It just takes 5 min with the car.
By the way, there is also the possibility to use my car.
You find two supermarkets in the village and one small organic food and handcraft shop.
There is a weekly market on Saturdays.
You can take the bus to Basel -Switzerland which takes 30 min, or you can visit Weil am Rhein or Lörrach. Also you can visit France which is also just 30 min far from Kandern.

To reach the airport of Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg is just takes 30 min with the car.

Confort et Luxe

  • Un étage
  • 2 pièces dont une chambre
  • Contemporaine
  • Terrasse / Balcon
  • Place de parking réservée
  • Art et musique
If have some yoga mats, fit ball, fascien roll, two guitars, ukulele, bicycle, printer, also a lot of books (most of them in german). I don't have a tv or sound system.

Tourisme et Loisirs

  • La montagne
  • La campagne
  • La forêt
  • Musée
  • Cinéma
There is a Jazz Bar at the bus station of Kandern where you can find weekly bands playing.

You are close to France and Switzerland, so it's really fun to jump from on coutry to the other one and enjoy the traditional cultural differents.

You find a lot of art museums in Basel and also a variete of bars and nice night clubs.

It just takes 45 min to the university and green city Freiburg which is popular for it's sustainable and green setting.

Kandern, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

79400 Kandern, Germany


Du Vendredi 2020

Au Lundi 2020

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The exactly date for my trip is not save yet. But I would love to welcome you at my place and to show you all that you can feel like home :)



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