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Akureyri, Iceland

Hôte : Laufey
Publié le 16 Mai 2019

Description générale

Relaxed family home in the town center.

Besoins et Animaux

  • Mes animaux
  • 2 chiens
We have two Labradors, mother and daughter. The older one, Lotta, loves to take walks and play but sometimes forgets that she is 11 years old. She cannot have too much exercise.
Her daughter, Lúna, on the other hand can't get enough of playing.
They are friendly, especially if you have something to eat, and love taking it easy also.
They are not allowed on the sofas or the beds, however much they try to convince you of the opposite.
The garden needs minimal care, maybe a mow once a week and an eye kept on the vegetables/salads.

Vie pratique

  • Village
  • Entre 150 et 500 m²
  • Entre 200 et 1000 m²
  • Arrêt de bus
  • Aéroport
  • Marché
  • Supermarché
  • Centre commercial
  • Médecin
  • Pharmacie
  • Hôpital
  • Vétérinaire
  • Internet
  • Télévision
  • Lave-vaisselle
  • Lave-linge
  • Congélateur
  • Pas d'ascenseur
  • 1er étage
  • Pas accessible aux handicapés

Confort et Luxe

  • 2 étages
  • Une pièce dont 4 chambres
  • Contemporaine
  • Terrasse / Balcon
  • Place de parking réservée
We have four bikes, two of them teenagers size.
On the back patio, a bbq and outdoor furniture. The midnight sun here is wonderful!
In front of the house, chairs and a table to enjoy a coffee in the morning sun.

Tourisme et Loisirs

  • La montagne
  • La ville
  • Musée
  • Cinéma
We are located in the North East of Iceland.
We get really cold and snow heavy winters but (usually) warm and somewhat sunny summers.
Our town inhabits around 18.000 people and is charming and the people friendly. From here it is possible to go whale watching.
Nearby are a lot of interesting places to visit, we are more than happy to guide you to the best spots :)

Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland


Du Lundi 2019

Au Lundi 2019

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