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Algoz, Faro, Portugal

Hôte : Sue
Publié le 22 Janvier 2020

Description générale

  • Résidence principale
Five bedroom house with a large verandah, garden and swimming pool.

Besoins et Animaux

  • Mes animaux
  • 50 chiens
  • 30 chats
We have two labrodors, one fox terrier, two pugs and three cats. The dogs are feed twice a day, morning and night and sleep in the kitchen at night. There is no need to walk the dogs as we have a large property that they run/play in. The three cats are mainly in the house, the window is left open during the day, but must be closed at night and the cats must be in the house at night. The cat litter tray will have to be cleaned every night and food and fresh water put down for the cats every night.

Vie pratique

  • Isolé
  • Plus de 500 m²
  • Plus de 1000 m²
  • Gare ferroviaire
  • Internet
  • Télévision
  • Lave-vaisselle
  • Lave-linge
  • Congélateur
  • Jardin clos
  • Rez-de-chaussée
  • Pas accessible aux handicapés
We are in the countryside with houses around us and a local restaurant within walking distance to the house. You will need a car to drive to the shops and to get around. The main airport is 45 minutes drive away. The shops/shopping mall is 20 to 30 minutes drive away. The beaches and other towns are 20 to 30 minutes drive away. Our home is very peaceful and quiet.

Confort et Luxe

  • Un étage
  • 10 pièces dont 5 chambres
  • Ancien
  • Place de parking réservée
  • Jardin paysager
  • Véranda
  • Télévision / DVDthèque
  • Bibliothèque
  • Climatisation
  • Cuisine aménagée
  • Piscine
We have lots of books that can be read, mainly crime and mystery novels. We also have three mountain bikes as there are lovely bike rides around our area. We have a large swimming pool by the house off the veranda.

Tourisme et Loisirs

  • La campagne
  • Plage
  • Parc d'attraction
  • Zoo
  • Cinéma
Being in the Algarve, Portugal, there is so many beautiful places to visit. There are lovely beaches, coastal towns, Sagres, many pottery shops, numerous coffee shops. The overall charm of Portugal is at your finger tips.

Algoz, Faro, Portugal

8365 Algoz, Portugal


Du Lundi 2020

Au Dimanche 2020

dates strictes

Our dates are firm and booked. We would like the house-sitters to come the day before for us to be able to meet each other, and for me to be able to introduce them to my animals and give them instructions on what to do etc.




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