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Claudia V.

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My age:
46 years
My occupation:
self employed
My town:
Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Languages spoken

  • German
  • English

Favorite destinations

  • Germany
  • Europe
  • France
  • Italy

Favourite pets and animals

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Farm animals
  • Fish


  • I know how to take care of a garden

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Hi and thanks for visiting my profile ! :-)
I am a 45 year old location independent event coordinator and bodyworker, and enjoying traveling throughout Europe. Being able to work where ever there´s an internet access, I´m completely flexible in my working hours, so I can easily plan my trips depending on your needs.
I love to be around animals, they are such a blessing.
I´m open for short and longterm sits.
I´m a vegetarian , non smoker, non drinker.

I speak German and English, and - since I really fell in love with Italy , started learning Italian, and I am curious about learning at least pieces of your local language and just love being in nature, walking or riding my bike, gardening, being creative.

When I started traveling I had to give my 2 beloved cats in someone else´s good hands, so I know what it feels like and will give all my heart and hands to the wellbeing of your pets and treat them as if they were my own.
I am aware that your pets might be shy or skeptical in the beginning and I´m more than capable of slowly building trust between us.

I prefer quietness over action and I can also provide care for animals who need a lot of company or playtime or cuddling ( or all of them ) - as I`m a trained massagetherapist, most animals love my heartful touch and little massages:-)
I'm a calm and well organised woman, I raised my now 21-year old son on my own and I´m a self-employed event coordinator - I can handle upcoming sudden issues and improvise if needed.
I love clear and tidy atmospheres and have a deep respect for other peoples values, and will try to leave your place a little bit better than I find it.

Knowing that you`re probably thinking about your pets, when you are away, I will keep you updated about what´s going on, whenever you need to.
I´m also experienced in gardening and lawn care.
I have a drivers licence and I´m an experienced and careful driver, but will be travling with public transport most times.

Growing up in a big house with a huge garden, I really like gardening and just being outside, and also know how much time, effort and love it needs to make one`s home a beautyful place and also keep it that way.
I grew up with cats ( I was really blessed to watch one of them giving birth to 3 sweet kitties), rabbits, a hamster, a few birds and fishes.
Living with cats for half of my life and deeply love those free creatures, I´m happy to look after yours too, let them live their cat life and give them hugs and cuddles if they want to.
Since my room mate for the last years owned a dog, which I took care of while she was working or traveling, I really got a crush on dogs too. As I love to spend time otudoors in nature, either riding my bike or walking, walking your dog(s) and giving them the playtime they need would be my pleasure.


By Nicky, on 07/09/2017
Claudia has just completed a 10 week sit in a remote mountain area in Greece.
Looking after three dogs, one of them old and sick .
A large house and gardens .
Claudia is an independent, capable, intelligent , caring woman.
She can deal with all sorts of situations in a calm and logical manner.
She respects your home and works with you for all the needs and requirements .
For me this involved giving one of the dogs injections and dealing with sickness , vets and medications.
She managed a large garden very well, with cuttings lawns, watering grass trees shrubs etc and the area looked clean, well maintained and in good condition on my return.
The house was clean on my return, sheets and towels cheanged, cooker fridge etc all in great condition
CLaudia had to cycle to town and back as I was unable to leave her a car, she took this challenge in great spirit and managed to communicate with the local people well despite the language barrier, they all obviously enjoyed her presence .
I would not hesitate to recommend Claudia for a house and pet sit and I truely hope she will consider returning to my home in the future .