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Imogen C.

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Main competencies


My age:
29 years
My occupation:
Arts Manager
My town:
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Travel companion(s)

  • Josh, 34 years, Freelance Designer, Spouse / Partner

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French

Community opinion


By Nike, on 07/15/2019
Imogen is the perfect house- and cat-sitter!
I couldn‘ have imagined someone being more of a sweetheart than she is.
She took perfectly care of our place and our plants, our cat seems to have had the happiest time, and on top Imogen always kept me updated with our mail. When I came home there were delicious cookies waiting for me!
We met shortly before we started our trip, and I really loved spending the evening with Imogen and getting to know this radiant person a little.
I haven‘t met Josh in person yet, but can only imagine him as adorable as her.
Big recommendation!,