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Milos I.

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Main competencies


My age:
37 years
My occupation:
Video and Audio Editor
My town:
Niš, Serbia

Languages spoken

  • English

Favorite destinations

  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Europe
  • France
  • Italy

Passions and competencies

  • Board Games. History of Art. Music. European Films. Literature. Paintings. Philosophy. Noir. Leonardo da Vinci. Sense of Humor. Football. Design. Adventure Computer Games. Filmmaking

Favourite pets and animals

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Exotic pets
  • Farm animals
  • Fish
  • Horses
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents


  • I know how to take care of a garden

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More information

Hello People!

Welcome to my profile :)

I am an art person. In love with animals, nature, ordinary streets, food, travelling, chess, board games...

Love housesitting! I am editor (filmmaker) and film critic, mostly working in editing audio and video materials. Also I know a lot about wordpress, website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I'm Non Smoker.

MUSIC: Blues, Jazz, Alternative, Classical, Rock, Rock'nRoll, Hard Rock, Metal, Irish, Neoclassical / Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen, Tindersticks, Savatage, Deine Lakaien, Chet Baker, Henry Purcell, Rob Dougan, Sisters of Mercy...

FILMS: Jos Stelling, Alex van Warmerdam, Wim Wenders, Wong Kar Wai, Jim Jarmusch, Michael Radford, Dusan Makavejev, Giuseppe Tornatore, Sergio Leone, David Lynch, Aki Kaurismaki, Mel Gibson, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Alain Resnais...

BOOKS: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, Charles Bukowski, John Fowles, Mark Z. Danielewski, Franz Kafka, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Anatole France, Emil Cioran...

PAINTINGS: Salvador Dalí, Edvard Munch, Ivan Aivazovsky, John Atkinson Grimshaw, Rene Magritte, James Ensor, Max Beckman...

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By Delphine, on 04/12/2019
Milos takes very well care of my dog and sent me news and pictures regularly.
By Nicole D., on 12/29/2018
Milos did a good job with our dog Akira. He kept us informed all the time. He accomplished the arrangements he was told to. Thanks a lot, Milos!
By sara F., on 11/16/2018
Milos is a great guy. He was relaxed and capable of looking after our animals and house. He was considerate and friendly to our neighbours and kept in touch whilst we were away. He was committed to keeping our place safe and secure and ensuring all the animals were happy. He was also willing to greet any campers who might have turned up unexpectedly which was an added bonus for us as we hate to turn people away if they want to stay, even in the winter. We hope to keep in touch and wish him all the best
By marie, on 06/18/2018
Milos is a very kind house-sitter, he keeps me frequently informed about the dog and the house.
You can trust him for everthing and he can come again in my place as soon as he wants.
I highly recommand him.

By Méline V., on 06/09/2018
Milos is a good home-sitter. He has communicated a lot during his journey at home. He's able to identify pet's and house's problems. Thanks Milos !
By Martine B., on 05/25/2018
Milos a été un home sitter très agréable. Il s'est bien occupé de notre chat et a donné très fréquemment des nouvelles. Aucun soucis .