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46 years
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Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland

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  • From 17/04/2019 to 24/04/2019
  • From 25/04/2019 to 05/05/2019
  • From 05/05/2019 to 13/05/2019

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  • English

Favorite destinations

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Europe
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Morocco
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  • New Zealand
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  • United States

Passions and competencies

  • Traveling to gain life experiences
  • reading
  • movies
  • yoga and meditation for self care and conscious living.

Favourite pets and animals

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Exotic pets
  • Fish
  • Rodents


  • I know how to take care of a garden

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More information

Thought I was caring the pets. In actual fact, it turns out to be such rewarding experiences that I perhaps received as much love from the pets as I gave them... if not more...
Dear Host,

So nice to 'meet' you here.

I discovered the concept of home-sitting not long ago. A pet lover myself, I decided to give it a try while having the privilege of working remotely.

The result? Totally loved it.

Better yet, it turns out to be such rewarding experiences that I perhaps received as much love from the pets as I gave them (if not more)...

So far I've had some really nice encounters. My experiences have expanded from caring 1 cat and/or dog to 4 pets (2 each) simultaneously; from indoor pets to rescued stray dogs and cats:-); from low-maintenance pets to pets needing special care, e.g. medication...

Hope we will have the chance to meet in person, together with your lovely pets.

I also like plants and tidiness. Rest assured that they will be in good hands, so is your home.

Besides, it will be a 'work-cation' for me. Therefore, your pets will get loads of attention, cuddles, and love:-)...

I wish this surprising little encounter life brings would become one of the nicest stops on our respective journey:-)...

And secretly, I wish this could be also a start of a lifelong friendship.

Hope we will have the chance to get to know each other and your little ones at a certain point.



P.S.: I speak some basic French, not fluent enough to list it as a language I speak though. Apparently not only enough but also effective in communicating with pets, according to previous French hosts:-)...


By Lina B., on 04/01/2019
I did not have the possibility to choose more icons to describe all Ann's qualities : she is a charming person, aware of not disturbing the neighbours, following scrupulously the instructions I had let about the house and the dogs, in a way that they would hardly notice I was gone. Thanks to her I did not worry at all and could carelessly enjoy my holidays without worrying about the house or the dogs. It was a pleasure to come back in a house cleaner thant it was when I left it. I would be glad if she could look after my dogs again in the future or to have her home while I am here just to have more time to spend with her. Thank you very much for your help Ann and I hope you had a good time.
By Kirsten, on 03/25/2019
Thanks to Anne we could spend a carefree vacation. She is a nice person, was very reliable, always kept us informed and left the house in perfect order. Great housesitter - thanks a lot!
By Jonathan P., on 02/16/2019
Ann was a blessing when it was truly needed and I think she may be an angel in disguise! My Cat immedi atley warmed up to her and was cuddling with her in no time. Ann made sure the house was super tidy and clean for when we got back. I highly recommend this sitter. You literally couldn't ask for a better sitter.
By Colin & Winny, on 01/29/2019
Ann did a really fantastic job taking care of our two cats. It's always a little bit stressful leaving your pets with somebody, but she quickly put our minds at ease after she arrived as she and the cats seemed to get along well immediately. She also sent us lots of pictures of them along with several nice updates while we were traveling. Ann is an experienced housesitter/petsitter and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone caring & trustworthy to take care of their pets!
By Ondine F., on 11/17/2018
Ann was an amazingly interesting person to talk to and get to know. I dont think I have ever met a person more dedicated to understanding our animals and making them king and queen of the house. She is unbelievable tidy and it was such a joy to come home to her and our ever so happy animals. It was actually sad to see her go which was mirrored in Eddy our dogs face as he stayed at the gate to see her off.
By Oliver C., on 10/10/2018
Our dog was sad that Ann left when we returned from our journey. We found the flat as clean as we left it and Ann took great care of our dog, sending us pictures nearly everyday. We highly recommend Ann to whoever's wondering to choose her as a home-sitter. Thank you very much Ann for all your help
By Catherine, on 09/15/2018
Ann est une personne absolument charmante, attentive et généreuse. J’ai même eu droit à un cours de cuisine chinoise, un vrai moment de partage !
Nous lui avons confié notre maison et nos chers compagnons en toute tranquillité. Notre gros matou l’a adoptée instantanément et même à notre retour ne voulait plus la quitter ! Ann possède un vrai don avec les animaux !
Nous avons eu régulièrement des nouvelles accompagnées de photos. Une très belle rencontre...
Expérience positive à tous les niveaux, nous renouvèlerons, fini la galère des vacances ????
By cecile L., on 09/04/2018
Ann is a very attentionned home sitter! With people, she's very nice ; with my cat (who is very shy!) she was a perfect catsitter and my home was the same as my departure : very clean.
By Marion G., on 08/03/2018
Ann is a very conscientious house and pet sitter. Both my flat and my cat were very happy to have her there. I felt very comfortable and safe leaving for nearly a month. Ann kept me informed regulary and it was really nice to not stress about how things were going on at home while in vacation. She stayed at home a lot, because she was working online; my cat go much more company than she usually gets, so the cat got spoiled:)
Ann is also a very social person interesting to talk to.
By Joran, on 06/20/2018
We were very happy we Ann looked after our Maine Coon Elisa when we were on holidays for 2,5 weeks. Even more so because the Netherlands were hit by an heatwave when she was there. When we returned Elisa looked happy and a bit more chubby, so I think Elisa had great holidays too. Thank you Ann!
By Varvara D., on 05/23/2018
Great house sitter! Took care of my house and animals as if they were her own. Very friendly and interesting person , a pleasure to spend time with. Great cook!!!