Wezep, Gelderland, Netherlands

Host: Sarah K.
Published April 25, 2022

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General description

  • Main home
Cornerhouse at the end of a street in a cute quite little town in the Netherlands.
Downstairs there is a kitchen with dishwasher, livingroom and toilet.
First floor 1 bedroom with a big bed and a 1 children room. Bathroom with shower and toilet.
Second floor washer and dryer.

Airconditioner in the livingroom and 2 bedrooms.

Little garden but with lots of sun.

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • Animals with specific needs
  • A cat
We have 2 cats, koda who is 5 years old and a big sweet maine coon and gaya who is 9years old and a half maine coon.
Koda is the sweetest of the two and loves to cuddle! Unfortunaly koda has a heart problem and needs medication 2 times a day. He takes it easy and doesnt fight it but a little expirience in ginving cat medication is needed.
They are both house cats and don't go outside exept superwised in de garden (gaya is the one who likes to climb to escape but we made it escapeproof)
We need someone who can take care of them, feed them, clean the litterbox, cuddle koda and give the medication.

Practical life

  • Village
  • 50 - 150 m² (530 - 1590 sq. ft.)
  • Less than 20 m² (210 sq. ft.)
  • Bus stop
  • Railway station
  • Market
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Supermarket
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarian
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • Enclosed garden
  • Ground floor
  • No disabled access
City Zwolle is 10 min away with the car or 7 min with train, trainstation is 10 min walk from the house.
There is a lot to do in Zwolle, you can find almost everything there.

Shops are 10 min walk from the house.

Comfort and Luxury

  • 2 floors
  • 4 rooms of which 2 bedrooms
  • Car parking available
  • Television / DVD library
  • Air conditioning
We have a tv with netflix, Amazon, disney + and normal tv. 1 tv downstairs and 1 in the bedroom

Tourism and Leisure

  • Countryside
  • Forest
  • City
  • Museum
  • Theme park
  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Theater / Opera
Lots of things to do nearby beacause we are almost in the center of the netherlands so easy/fast acces to big citys and beautiful nature.

Wezep, Gelderland, Netherlands

8091 Wezep, Netherlands


From Monday 2022

To Sunday 2022

firm dates

These are the dates we are leaving and comming back but we are felxible if you need to leave early because my mom can come feed the cats for a few days if needed



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