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Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel

Host: vera E.
Published August 06, 2018

General description

  • Main home
This is a small one bedroom apartment in a private house with a small garden and separate entrance. Perfect place for a single. The house owners occupy the other half of the house. The house is situated in a quiet neighborhood, with frequent buses and variety of groceries. A direct 30-min bus from Central Bus Station every 10-40 min.

The bedroom has only 1 bed, width 120 cm. There are AC, electric boiler, shower, toilet, washing machine, electric cooktop, fridge, dishes etc. Internet.

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • 2 cats
You'll need to care for 2 neutered cats: 14-y.o. British blue Fiona and 5-y.o. Scottish Irbis. They both are healthy and well groomed cats. I feed them raw diet, the food is prepared in advance and frozen. You'll need to take a new jar from freezer to fridge everyday. The cats should be fed at least twice a day, morning and evening. The cats must be locked at home from morning to evening. In the evening they are allowed to go outdoor, through the window that must be open all the night and closed in the morning.

Practical life

  • City
  • Less than 50 m² (530 sq. ft.)
  • Less than 20 m² (210 sq. ft.)
  • Bus stop
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Supermarket
  • Shopping mall
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • Enclosed garden
  • No elevator
  • First floor
  • No disabled access
The apartment is pretty small, it is rather a place to stay at night while exploring the city and the country all day round. There are a lot of one-day tours from Jerusalem, as well as multiple museums, churches, synagogues, and other places of interest. All the necessary home equipment, including AC, linen, shower, kitchen, wash machine, internet, small garden with a sofa to rest after busy day. No TV.

Comfort and Luxury

  • One floor
  • 2 rooms of which one bedroom
  • Regional
  • Air conditioning
  • Fitted kitchen

Tourism and Leisure

  • City
It is famous Jerusalem, there are hundreds of attractions.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel


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